1. Alfa Kapa's Avatar
    Hello everyone

    I bought for my mother, 6 months ago, a Sony Xperia M2 as her first smartphone.
    She spends much more time on the internet than that I was expecting and pretty much feel bad that she has to hold the device to watch for example youtube video.. so I'm thinking that it would be great if she could see those videos in the big screen, just like regular tv, but without the BS propaganda going on strong this bloody days in Greek tv..

    Now the livingroom's tv is a kinda old 32'' Philips LCD HDTV, without ''smart'' futures but with HDMI ports at the back.
    So I'm guessing is there a way to stream those videos to the tv via some kind of wireless adapter? (if possible cheapy)
    Also if this is possible, does it have any impact on the wifi speed in order to stream from the phone? Because I have a 4mbps connection (420kb/s download)

    07-07-2015 03:08 AM
  2. gone down south's Avatar
    Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox....
    07-07-2015 05:52 PM
  3. Alfa Kapa's Avatar
    I was wondering if the Measy A2W II EZcast could do the job, because the others that you mention come to a greater prize and on top of that, almost all the services that they offer will only confuse an older person!

    (sorry I can't post a link to the product, it cost around 20 dollars and is defined as a miracast dongle)
    07-08-2015 03:36 AM
  4. LeoRex's Avatar
    There are constant deals for the Chromecast and Google sometimes throws in a Play credit if you buy. Plus they are constantly giving away from movie rentals, etc. It's around $10 more than the one you mentioned, but you get a better device out of the deal.

    It is also very simple... the setup is extremely easy and connecting to it is also as easy as clicking on the chromecast icon that pops up in youtube once you have it set up on your computer and mobile device. As far as streaming devices are concerned, it is one of the easist there is to use.
    07-08-2015 09:00 AM
  5. arinium's Avatar
    I would also vote for Chromecast. I personally use an Android TV box (Ugoos UT1) and AppleTV but neither one is cheap .
    07-14-2015 05:29 AM
  6. anon(9555426)'s Avatar
    chromecast is $30 I think. Its pretty neat and simple and since they both run with google theyll work pretty nicely. AppleTV is pretty expensive I think for what it is plus Apple will usually try to suck you into their bubble. Not sure if its compatible with android, might want to check.
    07-21-2015 05:32 AM

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