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    So to keep the story short on why I am considering Android. I'm on Verizon. They are not getting the 950 or 950XL. And currently I haven't heard of any other Windows 10 Mobile device other than the Acer Jade and I don't think that will work with the Verizon either... I love Windows Mobile/Phone. But I am not against trying something new. I like to be open minded and try different technology and devices before knocking it.

    Anyway on to my questions.. I'm a pretty big Microsoft guy. I use my Surface Pro 3 quite frequently. I would love to use Outlook, OneNote and Onedrive. I've also heard that there is a Cortana app now. I was wondering how well each of these work on Android?

    Next question. Should I be concerned with security? I've always heard bad things about it. But I feel if I do my best to not do something stupid with my phone. I'll be alright. Am I wrong?

    Third question. I'm considering the LG V10. With the promo deal LG is running with the free 200GB micro sd card and the extra battery. It is a really sweet deal in my eyes. I plan doing device payments on the device which would come to $28 a month from Verizon. If I decide to go thru with getting it. I have heard bad things about LG's software. But in my eyes from what I have seen from the store I don't know what people are complaining about. Although I honestly do not have a lot of experience with Android so I wouldn't know bad from good ha. So is LG's UI/Software really that bad? And what do you think about this phone for my first Android phone?

    Last question any tips for someone considering or new to Android?

    Any feedback is appreciated!

    Thanks for your help!
    11-04-2015 09:18 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I think you'll like Android. See this introductory guide: http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...-lollipop.html

    I haven't used Microsoft apps on Android myself, but I've heard good things about them. It sounds like they're pretty polished.

    Regarding security, this is what I usually tell people:

    For the most part, it's still quite difficult to get an actual virus on your phone, because malware requires you to manually accept the installation (which is why they try to fool you into thinking you're installing something legitimate). Use common sense:

    1. Avoid shady websites that deal with things like porn, gambling, and "free" (aka pirated) apps/music/movies.

    2. Never ever tap on a link that appears in a popup while browsing, especially if they're warning you that your phone is infected--they're just trying to scare you into installing some bogus "antivirus" app that is probably malicious itself.

    3. Only install apps from well-established app sources like Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore. Read a bunch of app reviews before installing an app to look for any complaints about adware or suspected malware.

    4. Turn on Google's "Verify Apps" function. This allows Google to periodically scan your phone's apps to look for malware. It's usually in your Google Settings app, under Security (although it might also be in the main System Settings, in Settings>Security).

    I used to use antivirus apps, but not any more, after the Verify Apps feature was introduced.

    Sorry, can't help you with the V10 question.

    By the way, if you miss the Windows Phone look, you can install an alternative launcher that makes your Android phone look more like a WP, like WP Launcher.
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    11-05-2015 02:24 AM
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    I use both WP and Android and find that Outlook and OneDrive work fine on my Androids. The problem is usually in the other direction....finding good versions of Google apps for WP.

    I have the G3 and G4. I find that LG's take on Android is done with a light and tasteful hand, but these things are a matter of personal opinion.

    B. Diddy's link to the WP-style launcher is worth checking. I did in fact download that app to my G3 several months ago. It allows you to set up a beautiful home screen - Start screen, perhaps I should say - but alas I found that it rendered the PIN lock inoperative.

    Anyways, enjoy Android!
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    11-05-2015 06:56 AM
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    I'm making a change for other reasons, but had some of the same questions. I even considered the V10 myself, but since I switched from a 1520 to a 640, I realized I didn't want that large a phone again right now. I went with the HTC One A9 that is coming out, as I feel it will fit me better.

    I had used Android back during v2.1, and stepped away when WP7 came out. So I'm taking an open minded, fresh view of Android as well.
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    11-05-2015 09:24 AM
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    I think u at least need to wait until w10
    11-05-2015 05:01 PM
  6. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    errr. So that was weird. Sorry for two posts
    11-05-2015 05:40 PM
  7. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    I think u at least need to wait until w10
    Well window 10 mobile's update is supposed to rollout the 12th. But that doesn't include carrier crud. So it could and probably will be longer for the update. I have an ICON. That I will be keeping. LG's promo for the V10 ends on the 15th. So I probably won't wait any longer than that to be honest. And as far I can tell there hasn't been any Windows 10 mobile devices announced for Verizon.. And if there is I want a flagship for my primary device. Which I do not expect to happen between now and the 15th.
    11-05-2015 06:06 PM
  8. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    FYI Just got my LG v10 today. Super impressed so far. Still learning android. But starting to get the hang of it.
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    11-06-2015 11:43 PM

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