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    There are apps that exist in the Play Store that manage tethering or hotspot functionality on your devices. Whether or not these apps are necessary, given the OS level integration of tethering, is debatable however I'm posting because some users are asking for information about using these apps to steal from the carriers.

    As an example, with Verizon if you have a tiered data plan, tethering is already included and counts against your data allotment. However, if you have legacy unlimited data (not one of the new plans from all the carriers that offers hotspot), Verizon requires the purchase of a tethering plan (at the time of this writing it is about $30 per month) and most phones will perform a subscription check prior to granting access to tethering functionality.

    Within the forums, discussions of tethering and apps that help manage the functionality are fine - but discussions of ways to circumvent paid functionality are not. At Android Central, this falls under the "Illegal Activities" section of the forum rules. If a plan in question already allows for tethering and you're not trying to lie about the usage, then that usage doesn't fall under the above and is fine.

    To be clear, asking and offering help to defraud, steal from or trick the carriers into getting paid services for free is the issue here and members that violate these rules will see threads closed, receive at least one warning and be infracted as necessary. I'm sure that there will be questions, feel free to send a PM to any moderator or myself to see those addressed.
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    12-07-2015 08:32 AM

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