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    I've got £350 to spend on a new phone.

    Im UK based so some phones aren't available over here.

    Things that I want out of a phone:

    Good screen (not so fussy with amoled or lcd, or whether its full HD or 2k) at 5.2+ inches

    Good headphone sound quality from the DAC, reasonable speaker performance.

    Good enough processor and ram so it doesn't lag.

    Above average battery life

    Pretty good camera (I know I won't get excellent at this price)

    At least 64gb internal storage if no sd card, or 32gb at least with sd card (I'd prefer an sd card, but it's not the end of the world if I had at least 64gb storage)

    Reasonable amount of software updates (I don't want a phone that will be ignored for ever by the manufacturer)

    Phones I've considered :

    Moto Z play (amazing battery, ticks most of the boxes, processor is more mid-range and struggles with more graphical intensive apps, moto not as good with updates anymore)

    ZTE Axon 7 mini (speaker and headphone audio are second to none, but old processor might lag, also zte not known for updates. I'd definitely go for the bigger axon 7 if available over here!)

    Honor 8 (quite good at everything, camera probably the best here. But for some reason I'm not super enthusiastic )

    Oneplus 3 (obviously the best spec'd here, so shouldn't struggle with any app. Good camera, average battery, ok headphone audio. No sd card is a little limiting for me, oneplus historically slow with updates, awful customer service)

    Huawei mate 8 (same specs as the honor 8 but bigger screen and battery, but might be imports on Amazon)

    A few of last years flagships but I'd rather be guaranteed to get updates (lg g4, lg v10, axon elite (similar to the pro) , Blackberry priv)

    I'm a bit torn as I'm not sure any of these tick all my boxes (nothing will I'm sure) so would appreciate any input or other options I've not considered! If only the full sized Axon 7 was properly available here!

    I'm not really a fan of importing anything so no gearbest etc

    11-01-2016 05:16 PM

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