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    I've noticed in the last two days that i've been researching rooting various phones that i can't seem to find any info on where this community could meet up on IRC... which is odd when i post something and see that i've had 16 views in the last thirty seconds at 3am... is it because we all prefer the forums or is it because we have nowhere to meet? Perhaps a new room on freenode could be setup or perhaps we could have someone who knows how to setup an IRC server just setup a meeting place on this our digital frontier.. personally i'd like to do away with this nagging feeling in my gut when i'm waiting for a responce to a thread i just posted.. just a thought..

    I was also wondering if you guys have noticed that androidcentral.com seems a bit bogged down by all the activity on the site? i did a speedtest and got 13mbps so i know it's not my connection but half the time this website times out... maybe if we were on irc it wouldn't be so bogged down all the time... like i said.. just a thought.
    04-05-2011 04:04 PM