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08-04-2017 06:31 AM
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  1. droidntn's Avatar
    I've never owned an iPhone.
    Of course, I've seen them and handled them.
    I love my Note 4 and was looking forward to an 8 this fall.
    Lately I've been giving thought to the new to be released this fall iPhone instead.
    Samsung has slowly chiseled away the things that I've always touted about my Android vs iPhone.
    Removable battery will be a thing of the past now. Every iPhone I know gets LEAGUES better battery life than I do. No comparison.
    But it's been worth it becsuee I could do more with my Note.
    However they've removed the IR blaster which really pissed me off. I use it daily.
    Still not sure about the expandable memory in the note 8 to come.
    So, once it's all said and done and I just need a nice basic phone now that runs smoothly, has a LONG battery life, (since I can't change my Samsung out anymore) and can't use it as a remote....
    I may find that an iPhone would suit me better.
    Pretty sure that I'm not the only one that Samsung might be losing.
    When you take away the benefits of anything, you push people towards something else.
    I phones do run smoother. That's hard to deny. The don't DO as much but the scroll and execute smoother and more quickly as best that I can tell.
    About the only benefit that I can see to staying with Samsung Note series would be the stylus which I do use to crop occasionally.

    Not sure yet, just some thoughts.
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    05-03-2017 09:47 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    The upside to a lot of the carriers is the return policy. You have 14 days I believe to return the iPhone in case you don't like it.
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    05-03-2017 10:21 AM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    Other Androids don't appeal?
    I like iPhones, but don't find that the battery life is much different from the Androids I've used, so far as I've paid it much attention.
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    05-03-2017 10:23 AM
  4. Aquila's Avatar
    @Golfdriver has a good point. Give it a try and see if you like it or not.
    05-03-2017 10:27 AM
  5. kramer5150's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat. The less user options android flagships offer, the more glaring their drawbacks become. I've been perfectly happy with my LGV10 since Dec 2015. I have had to factory rest it once, so its not perfect... but with all the user choice-options it presents me I can very easily (and happily) tolerate its few quirks here and there.

    At the rate Android flagship designs are going, and if they continue this trend... an iPhone could be the best option for me too. $800-$1000 for a cell phone (disposable) thats as buggy as Android can be, and going to be obsolete in 18-20 months...I'm sorry that's insane!! If I am spending that kind of throw-away dough I better at least get the reliability and factory support to go with it.

    The mid-tier, Android factory unlocked market is looking like a stronger option too, as flagship prices continue to climb, and user choice/options at these prices continues to be cut. The way I am looking at is like this..."How much can I comfortably afford to throw away every ~18-20 months?" With that mind-set, mid-tier unlocked is going to be my next option. If I do want to go flagship pricing... its iPhone.

    You mention battery capabilities... One nice thing about iPhones is the HUGE accessory market support. There always seems to be 3rd party replacement batteries, and external battery cases for iPhones. I am looking at some external battery cases for my iPhone 5C... $15-25 bucks to more than double the OEM battery capacity!!! Oh BTW... 2 weeks ago I just got an iOS update for my 6+ year old device.
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    05-03-2017 10:32 AM
  6. anon(634141)'s Avatar
    I've had similar feelings lately as well since Android devices continue to lose hardware features that used to set them apart from Apple. So I feel like there's less and less reason for me to stay with Android. So once my trusty Note 4 kicks the bucket I'm going to seriously check out Apple's latest stuff.
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    05-03-2017 12:21 PM
  7. Morty2264's Avatar
    You know, I too have been wondering about the iPhone of late. I think it's natural to want to try out everything to get a more informed opinion.

    And I agree with you about battery life. I swear that my boyfriend's SE gets more battery life at 13% than my LG G3 got in an hour or two, or three. They are well made for sure, and iMessage is arguably one of the greatest messaging platforms out there.

    It all comes down to personal preference. If you want to try out the iPhone, great! A lot of people I know swear by them once they switch. Let us know what you decide!
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    05-03-2017 05:16 PM
  8. droidntn's Avatar
    Convo with a buddy, who has an iPhone, a few minutes ago.
    Attached Thumbnails Maybe crossing the fence and jumping into the iPasture.-2017-05-03-17.54.56.jpg  
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    05-03-2017 05:56 PM
  9. anon(5719825)'s Avatar
    Don't forget firmware updates. Apple is #1 with supporting their iPhones for a very long time. I have a 5S from 2013 that is still receiving updates. Not sure if it will see iOS 11 but as of now, it is just as current as my 6S+ (I skipped the iPhone 7/+). I've always enjoyed using both Android phones and iPhones but my 6S+ has been my daily phone for 90% of this past year.

    As for my Android phones, I still have random times when the battery on my Note 5/S7 Edge will drain extremely fast. Usually closing all apps will fix that but this is something I never experience on my iPhone.

    The only Android phone that I own that can compare to the battery life of my SE/6S+ is my S7 Edge. Very comparable.
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    05-04-2017 03:52 AM
  10. droidntn's Avatar
    I don't necessarily WANT to get an iPhone. But several things go into this as I've said. If they're going to pare down an Android to just another smartphone that has inferior battery life, then why not go simpler?
    I kind of consider it, in some ways, as step backwards to get an iphone.
    For instance,I'd miss my customization abilities like having a launcher that is cool and a different home screen than all iphones all look exactly the same. i like the ability to individualize my phone verses having a phone that looks EXACTLY like every other iPhone user in the whole world.
    And, I'd miss my Note stylus. I do a lot of pix and memes, screengrabs, etc. Those come out cleanly and edits made much easier with my Note.
    Those 2 facts alone may keep me with a Note 8 this fall.
    IDK, will just have to see how it plays out, but I've never considered myself going to an iPhone until now.
    I have to be careful that I'm not reactive and doing it to 'show Samsung' in retaliation for removing the things that we love about our Androids; removable battery, IR blaster and rumored to soon to be removing expandable memory.
    I don't want to shoot myself in the foot just to prove a point.
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    05-04-2017 05:26 AM
  11. J Dubbs's Avatar
    I agree as well. Since Android phone producers are raising their flagship phone prices to iPhone levels, that takes away the main reason I've stayed with Android.... the price advantage.

    For me personally Android has become too buggy and fragmented with horrible update support.... I don't like using it much anymore, I've only used it because of the bang for the buck phonewise.
    Once that goes away I'll no longer have any need for Android.
    I keep my phones for years at a time..... it sounds like iPhones superior long term support and less fragmented and smoother running os is perfect for me ;-)

    I'm starting to see why iPhones are so popular.
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    05-04-2017 05:28 AM
  12. droidntn's Avatar
    For instance, yesterday as I was discussing this in my office, I am the ONLY one not using an iphone out of 10 people. I played around with their iPhone 7plus and they're great. No lie, so fast, smoothe transitioning, clear and crisp images. That said, my Note 4 has exceptional clarity for an Android.
    I have 3 siblings. We group text a lot and they all have iPhones. I get ragged about having the 'other' phone. But I'm a power user more than they, so they just use a phone has a nice basic communication device.
    But there has to be a lot of benefit from owning a phone that has quick and smooth transitions, fast browsing, lasting support and a far superior batttery life.
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    05-04-2017 05:36 AM
  13. Inders99's Avatar
    Do iPhones play nice in the sandbox with Google services?

    I have an Apple household...everything except my phone. I've never liked the idea of getting a phone that's someone else's idea of what I should like, I like to make my own choices. I have my phone programmed just as I like and I can't get that with an iPhone.

    My battery lasts all day with about 35% at the end, I don't need more, but I can relate to NexusGirlX when she said she gets rogue apps chewing up battery once in a while.

    A lot of love here for iPhones but there's really nothing attractive about them to me at this point. Good discussion tho.

    BTW...I have the S7 regular.
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    05-04-2017 06:59 AM
  14. Aquila's Avatar
    Yes Apple + Google works pretty well
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    05-04-2017 07:16 AM
  15. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    i like the ability to individualize my phone verses having a phone that looks EXACTLY like every other iPhone user in the whole world.
    This is my Android; there are many others like it but this one is
    05-04-2017 08:29 AM
  16. droidntn's Avatar
    This is my Android; there are many others like it but this one is
    05-04-2017 09:02 AM
  17. kramer5150's Avatar
    Androidmans creed...

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    05-04-2017 10:23 AM
  18. Old Stoneface's Avatar
    With each passing day my wife's and my next mobile devices become more and more likely to be iThings. There are a variety of reasons, but, the two biggest:
    • I no longer trust the security of Android devices in the least
    • With the "Moto" brand now being trashed by Lenovorola there is no longer a decent affordable Android device with a (nearly) pure Android experience that gets timely security updates

    iThings get updates for far longer, you can take them into an Apple store and get a new battery for only $80 (for phones) or $100 (for tablets), and they retain a good bit of their value on resale.

    I only need to determine if the apps I really cannot do without are available for iThings. If so: I think we're almost certainly going to Make The Switch. I'm no longer looking at current Android device offerings and have lost all interest in rumoured future offerings.

    I've essentially already got one foot out the door.
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    05-04-2017 11:07 AM
  19. Aquila's Avatar
    Nexus 5X is very affordable
    05-04-2017 01:16 PM
  20. Inders99's Avatar
    But there has to be a lot of benefit from owning a phone that has quick and smooth transitions, fast browsing, lasting support and a far superior batttery life.
    Pixel doesn't qualify?
    05-04-2017 01:52 PM
  21. kramer5150's Avatar
    Pixel doesn't qualify?
    It hasn't been out long enough to determine the level of support. My iPhone 5C still gets updates... FWIW
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    05-04-2017 02:11 PM
  22. Old Stoneface's Avatar
    Nexus 5X is very affordable
    The Nexus 5X also has a somewhat spotty record wrt moisture resistance and battery life. I considered one... briefly, several months ago.

    Pixel doesn't qualify?
    Same price as an iPhone 7. Now: Will Google continue to support the device with updates/upgrades for up to about four years? Because that's what you can expect with the iPhone. Of course: The battery will probably get unusably weak, before then, so: Will you be able to take your Pixel into a Google store for an $80 battery replacement? Lastly: When you do decide to upgrade your hardware, will you be able to get somewhere between a quarter and half what you paid for it? You probably will for the iPhone 7

    If you get your Pixel at all wet, will it survive it? Not if the Pixel's IP53 rating (essentially: No water resistance at all) is any guide. iPhone 7 is at least splash resistant, with an IPS67 rating. (Heck, even Lenovorola has maintained at least splash resistance on the budget G series.)

    Personally, if I were in the market for a flagship device, with no investment in either ecosystem, I can't see any reason to go with the Google product.
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    05-05-2017 09:36 AM
  23. Inders99's Avatar
    ^^ I guess none of that matters to me compared to being roped into what Apple thinks you should like in a phone, however plenty don't mind considering their popularity. Good luck with the new phone.
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    05-05-2017 02:07 PM
  24. droidntn's Avatar
    Saturday I was in Lowes trying to figure out lumber needed to make this little 8x3 bridge.
    How much I'd need and how many 12x6's I would need to get that many cuts.
    I needed to draw it out to make sense in my thick head I didn't have paper with me.
    Then I remembered my stylus.
    Worked perfectly.
    SOoooooo...That kind of made me rethink that whole jump to the iPhone gig.
    I'd probably miss that stylus more than I would have thought.
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    05-08-2017 12:26 PM
  25. Old Stoneface's Avatar
    Ohhh... After playing with an iPad we bought over the weekend, I know there are a lot of things I'm going to miss if we jump

    Nonetheless: Jump we probably will. I imagine we'll eventually get used to it.
    05-08-2017 01:24 PM
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