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    So, I was so excited when I heard Samsung was going to release the Note 8 that I read every single site I could possibly find right up until launch date for the pre-orders. I was even more excited when I heard that previous note 7 owners we're going to get a huge discount of 50% off of the Note 8 for enduring the debacle that surrounded the Note 7 release. To reminisce on my experience with the Note 7, I was the first one in line to purchase that phone to only go through the next 4 hours a few weeks later of swapping out the phone for another note 7 through my service provider. I went through another three and a half hours of sitting in the store because I was locked into an agreement and the carriers didn't understand how they were going to swap a phone out after just having to do it for the previous note 7 I had (it triggered the no upgrade available) . This was a nightmare that I would not wish on anyone because it left me highly frustrated there was no thought put into this recall at all. Now I will say that I have owned every single Galaxy phone and a few note phones since they were first announced, and my Samsung account will show that I am a faithful Samsung customer. However, where my relationship has gone sour with Samsung is with the stipulations surrounding the Note 8 discount for previous note 7 owners. In order to get the 50% off I would have to turn in my S7 Edge phone (eligible trade-in) which I still have under a lease with my wireless carrier, which then means if I turn my phone into Samsung I now owe my carrier a fee to cancel the lease agreement and the remaining balance of over $430 so that I own the phone out right. This means that even though Samsung is giving me 50% off I'm not gaining anything at all because I will be paying regular price for the phone, $432 to my wireless carrier to purchase a phone I did not want but had to get because my Note 7 was recalled, and the other 50% of the Note 8 to Samsung. This is definitely not a deal because I didn't mess up a phone launch and I shouldn't have to pay my carrier for a phone so that I could send it to Samsung because it's not the carrier's fault and is not my fault. What should happen is Samsung should have given the customers 50% off with no stipulations as long as they could prove that they owned a Note 7, without turning in a phone to them. No one from Samsung has been able to answer why I need to turn in a phone to them. I should be able to turn my s7 edge phone into Sprint and not owe anything and then pre order my phone through Samsung to get the 50% off. I know I cannot be the only person that is in the situation. Every carrier has been offering Flex pay or lease agreements, however in this case, there should been an agreement worked out with Samsung and the carriers or in addition to the 50% off for previous note 7 owners Samsung should be mailing out a prepaid Visa card to owners that are under lease agreements as well (that would have been a true 50% off) . I am very disappointed in Samsung at this point and they have now just lost a customer (but I'm sure the tech giant could care less about one customer).
    09-03-2017 05:24 PM
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    I've never owned a Samsung smartphone and never will, I've read more bad about them in every aspect than all the other phone manufacturers put together.

    They seem to be a real crap company, and their CEO just went to prison....... nice :-(

    Plus I don't know if you guys were aware, but they have spyware built in to their smart TVs you need to disable if you buy one, do a Google search to find out more.
    09-06-2017 04:44 AM

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