1. citronbull's Avatar
    What are some of the most pro Apple sites (anti Android) that you know? Here are some that I'm aware of. I'm not including the obvious ones like cult of mac etc...

    The Verge
    Tech Crunch
    09-13-2017 10:10 AM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    I used to think of The Verge as pro-Apple but the last couple of years they've really toned it down and are more fair IMO.

    BGR is a rag, their entire purpose is to spread misinformation.

    I'm not familiar with Tech Crunch.

    I think it's rather silly for any site to be pro this and anti that. I understand the pro part, but not the anti. Just because you like Android doesn't mean you should hate Apple. There are a lot of people (and sites) that can appreciate what each does well and criticize what each doesn't do well, and try to do so fairly.
    09-13-2017 10:43 AM
  3. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    Mod note: thread closed as this is an android site.
    You can check out www.imore.com
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    09-13-2017 10:49 AM

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