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    Gartner's Worldwide Mobile OS Sales data shows that Android has an expanding lead.

    In the first quarter of 2011, Android averaged 400,000 activations/day, now doubling iPhone activations. At this rate, Android is signing up 145 million new users a year and the rate is climbing.
    • Android marketshare went from 10% a year ago to 36% today but is leveling off.
    • Symbian (Nokia) is losing over 1% marketshare a month.
    • RIM (BlackBerry) is losing about 1% marketshare a quarter.
    • Apple iPhone marketshare has hovered between 14 and 18% for two years.
    • Micorsoft's WM7 push has stabilized their marketshare at 4%.
    The Road Ahead
    Today there are seven Microsoft WM7 phones available with more announced. The HP Veer and Pre 3 are just hitting and the Google Phone Gallery shows that there are now 98 Android models for sale on 42 carriers from 13 manufacturers.

    Android Central reported on 60 leaked or announced Android phones in May alone including the Samsung Galaxy S II, Droid X2, Samsung Hercules, LG Optimus 3D, and HTC EVO 3D. See the Phone Comparison.

    Only 2 years ago, Android had a 1% marketshare so the market is extremely volatile.

    See Gartner, Inc. Research Reports: 1Q2011, 2010. 3Q2010, 2Q2010, 1Q2010, 4Q2009, 3Q2009, 2Q2009, 1Q2009, etc.
    05-31-2011 11:03 AM
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    RIM is dead. It's a shame. They had a good thing going when they alone had the market on push email.
    06-02-2011 03:04 PM
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    I don't know that I'd buy yet that Android market share is leveling off. It's possible, but the chart you posted doesn't support that, and the erroneous data on the web saying that the market share was static the last month was comparing a 3 month average to a single month's numbers (for those non-stats types...you can't do that).

    RIM's big problem isn't just that they are losing market share, but that they are bleeding margins and still losing market share.

    Nokia has a similar problem, except it's best imagined as having a 6 mile wide asteroid heading straight for it. The MSFT/Nokia deal will ultimate kill them as they can't sustain any market share at all this year.

    I think we can expect Apple to hit at least 18%, maybe even up to 20% before leveling off from their Verizon bump. I also think that's about as much as they can hope for.

    And what of poor WinPho 7? Meh. Good idea too late and with too much brand baggage. I would be surprised if it ever goes over 10% market share. But this time next year we should have a better idea.
    06-04-2011 01:20 AM