04-05-2019 02:15 AM
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  1. Stanley Kubrick's Avatar
    Huawei Mate 10 (non-pro). I still prefer LCD screens and the one on this phone is very good with adjustable resolution. It is also 16:9 which I also prefer. It has a 4000 mAh battery that lasts at least 3 days between charges (for me) it has a headphone jack, an IR blaster (which is not very relevant for me). I got the black color because I always use a case so you don't see the color anyway. It takes very good pictures in all lighting environments. Not many people here in the US have one as you have to import it. Google it, YouTube it and you will see what an excellent phone it really is. Nothing available today beats it IMHO, although there are phones that equal it. So I am good for several years. OH yea...NO notch!
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    11-08-2018 11:52 AM
  2. lparsons21's Avatar
    My primary phone is an iPhone XS Max, and I chose it as I’m well into the Apple ecosystem.

    My secondary phone is a Moto Z3, and I chose it because i wanted a secondary and thought why not get an Android phone. Great phone imo, especially considering the $240 I paid for it vice the $1100 for the Xs Max.
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    11-08-2018 12:16 PM
  3. Ranny99's Avatar
    Swore to myself my next phone would be main stream so I could enjoy the full range of cases and protectors.

    It didn't happen and I'm now the proud owner of a Vivo Nex S.

    I have the global rom and not the very restrictive chinese version. The phone is a beast.
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    11-08-2018 03:06 PM
  4. amyf27's Avatar
    No doubt about that. I wish I could use it without a case but the phone combined with it's weight, is just too slippery.
    Same with my Note 9. But it's sitting secure in an Otterbox Defender for now. The only time it's naked is if I'm cleaning it or sometimes just sitting on the couch.
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    11-08-2018 03:10 PM
  5. Morty2264's Avatar
    Swore to myself my next phone would be main stream so I could enjoy the full range of cases and protectors.

    It didn't happen and I'm now the proud owner of a Vivo Nex S.

    I have the global rom and not the very restrictive chinese version. The phone is a beast.
    This phone sounds awesome! Could you please post a picture of it?
    11-09-2018 07:27 AM
  6. milleniumdroid's Avatar
    I have a CAT S41. This thing is excellent for use in extreme whether. Went in February on a trip to Moscow and this phone worked PERFECTLY doing Google Maps navigation during the WORST RECORDED SNOWSTORM IN MOSCOW HISTORY!
    The battery life is SUPERIOR 7+ hrs 100-0 on a 5000mAh battery, although getting it to charge above 97% has been a bit of a struggle recently for no apparent reason (this usually fixes itself, and is probably just some weird battery preservation algorithm or something).

    I picked this phone since it has a GIANT battery, Mediatek PE 2.0 Multi-Voltage quick k charging, a fairly decent SoC, and also for the durability (2m waterproof for 1h, 1.8m drop resistance, KEVLAR back, ability to handle freezing temps down to -25 Celsius). My previous phone would become LAGGY at -13C.
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    11-09-2018 07:27 AM
  7. frope01's Avatar
    I'm currently using a OnePlus 6T as my daily driver. I chose it because I love Android and I keep hearing how fast and smooth it is. I also like the super fast charging and minimal notch all at a decent price. It does not disappoint. I'm not a big fan of inductive charging so I don't miss it. 128g is a good amount of storage. It's water resistant enough for anything I'll put it through. I put the pixel camera apk on it. The battery life is great.

    I previously switched back and forth between my LG V20 (which I love and will keep for a long time), and my iPhone X.
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    11-09-2018 08:18 AM
  8. Ranny99's Avatar
    This phone sounds awesome! Could you please post a picture of it?
    First attempt at a photo, so hope it works.
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    11-09-2018 09:34 AM
  9. Ranny99's Avatar
    Try a better one.
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    11-09-2018 09:55 AM
  10. mikey1273's Avatar
    My current phone is Moto X4. I picked it because of issues with my old unlocked LG G5. It wasn't full compatible with T-MOBILE and starting to give me battery life issue with both batteries on the LG. I didn't want to try LG Again and felt Samsung's phones were too expensive. I wanted an unlocked phone that was under $400 and would support VoLTe and wifi calling one TMobile. The 64Gb version oh the X4 is Android one which is good for more timely updates but still no Pie yet. I got the Sterling blue color, it's an very pretty gender neutral color. There aren't many mainstream cases for this phone but I got 3 different cases off Amazon that were all under $10 each. I change them when I want a different look. This is my first Moto phone since flip phones were a thing and first time buying something that wasn't considered flagship. So far I'm pleased with the performance of the snapdragon 630 and 4gb of ram. The cameras are fine. Rear cameras are 12mp and 8mp wide angle while the G5 had 16 and 8mp cameras on the back. The difference between both don't seem noticed. The front camera on the x4 is a 16mp with flash so that's an upgrade. Battery life seems great. I been able to go all day in my use. It has fast charging too. So it's a great phone for the price in my opinion.
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    11-10-2018 05:08 AM
  11. gendo667's Avatar
    Love this. Great setup. The device looks fantastic, too.
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    11-10-2018 05:44 AM
  12. mwake4goten's Avatar
    I just bought 2017 phone. The LG V30. It might be last year's tech but it ticks two boxes in that it has best in class headphone sound and one of the best battery endurance for a phone that came out last year. Updated to Oreo and is fast and snappy. I could have got Samsung Note 9 or LG G7 but I heard this year's 845 chipsets (generally) haven't been as well optimized as well as the last year's 835 chipsets. I would say I'm a light to medium user and I only have to charge my phone about 2 or 3 times a week
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    11-10-2018 07:22 AM
  13. amyf27's Avatar
    Ive got the note 9. Had the note 8 before this. The note 9 runs smoother and quicker.
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    11-10-2018 08:00 AM
  14. Scienceguy Labs's Avatar
    Huawei Mate 20 X
    I have fairly large hands, and I've always wanted a large-screen phone that would work without any issues on AT&T. Most I have had in the past worked, but not 100%. This beast works perfectly. What is your current phone? Why did you choose it?-img_20181106_132701.jpeg
    11-10-2018 08:18 AM
  15. Morty2264's Avatar
    WOW! What a gorgeous phone! I love it!
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    11-10-2018 09:14 AM
  16. Bobbert9's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Because they took my Note 7 away from me - twice!

    Not sure of the color, because with a case on I never see the back. With the Note 7 I still had beautiful coral blue color on the front. Now color is meaningless to me.

    Can we kill off the edge screens already, Samsung? I can't even hold my phone without it trying to do things from the edge, even in most phone cases. I never use the edge. It just makes life harder, and don't even think about dropping it, cause it will always stop, turn, and land on the edge from mid-flight.

    Fingerprint readers next to the camera. This proves that the people who design the phone never actually use the thing.

    Now that I have all that out of the way, I love everything else about this phone. It's still as fast as the day I got it, although the battery doesn't last half a day now. Cameras are great as although I'm constantly wiping fingerprints off the rear lense - thank you fingerprint reader.

    I got the iPulse genuine leather folio case with magnetic clasps - by far the best case I've ever owned. Definitely will be getting more of those in the future.

    This will probably be my last phone for a while. I've been looking at the Note 10 as my next phone but I just heard that Samsung can't make the under-the-screen camera work right until at least 2020, so they are going to use a notch.

    I will NEVER buy a notched phone. Why try to make a larger screen when you have to cut parts out of it to make it work? Just leave the darn bazel on there and move on until technology catches up.

    Anyway, yes I love the Note 8 and likely will continue as long as is feasible, or until 5G takes hold in my area.

    Sent from my SM-N950U using AC Forums mobile app
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    11-10-2018 09:56 AM
  17. Tom Gautot's Avatar
    I currently own a Samsung Galaxy J6, and in my opinion, it is one of the best smartphones on the market, and here are some why's:
    1) It is affordable. Right now most phones cost more than 300$, and if you go to apple products, a correct average would be 700$!!! This phone on the other hand cost less than 200 Euros on most markets making it a cheap option if you want to buy a smartphone.
    2) Smooth design: Rounded corners, no fancy things, it's kept simple and it gets the job done; that's all I need.
    3) Specs: even for the ridiculous price, the hardware is powerful enough to run everything without lagging.
    4) There is an all-black version (sorry but I love this)
    The only bottleneck would be the memory storage, if the price is so low, I shouldn't forget to notice that it is mainly due to a reduced amount of memory storage, i wal able to find one at 180 Euros but there is only 32GB of storage.
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    11-10-2018 10:12 AM
  18. the_boon's Avatar
    I'm currently using a BlackBerry KEY2, mostly because the typing experience is unparalleled compared to a slab of glass.
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    11-10-2018 11:46 AM
  19. bembol's Avatar
    My three...


    Baller!! The I own at least THREE flagships. LOL

    Reasons why I picked them was really because I got greats deals.
    11-11-2018 04:24 PM
  20. bubu333's Avatar
    I use a Huawei P9 at the moment, totally satisfied. The only con for developers that the fingerprint reader is at the rear so if you work with the phone lying on the table and run a build you have to lift the phone to unlock or you must enter the PIN.
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    11-12-2018 06:24 AM
  21. bubu333's Avatar
    Maybe I should turn off security entirely but that's not appealing.
    11-12-2018 06:25 AM
  22. Farcomb's Avatar
    the iPhone X, because I just wanted to beat the feeling of not owning one. my friends who had before me felt I was out of scope. so it's like getting fashionable.
    11-13-2018 07:38 AM
  23. milleniumdroid's Avatar
    First attempt at a photo, so hope it works. https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201...ff2d4b2ed1.jpg
    I just LOVE the fact that you decided to have MY POST ON THE SCREEN while taking the picture of your phone.
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    11-13-2018 03:18 PM
  24. rocknrollover's Avatar
    S9+ what else is there to say😉
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    11-14-2018 01:12 PM
  25. anon(10551781)'s Avatar
    Nokia 6, quality of construction, purity of Android
    11-17-2018 06:27 PM
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