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    As of lately, big tech companies keep pushing AR as a major use of 5G. They want everything done in the cloud. Sounds great, eh? Well, don't get hyped up just yet. Considering that using AR apps on a phone and/or AR glasses sends location info and live video streams of our current location to some random servers owned by big companies, how the hell do we know that they or the government aren't spying on us or using that data for "research". I personally DO NOT trust major corporations with real time location data unless I'm using Google Maps (although Google is the least of worries here). Why would we let these big corporations and possibly the government have insight into what we are doing? Why doesn't AR use the phone's/tablet's local hardware to do all of the processing and just use the fast 5G connection only to download necessary content WITHOUT sharing any private stuff? There is no reason to use cloud processing unless you have a phone with an old 32-bit low end CPU, in which case you're anyway likely not planning on using AR.
    03-05-2019 02:47 PM

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