06-09-2019 11:30 PM
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    Yeah, we're knee deep in that over here in my family. Have to be because of our vacation places in Maine. My existing SIM is ancient (2012).
    They shouldn't charge you if you need a new SIM
    06-09-2019 01:03 PM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar

    1. Ordered Unlocked S10+ from Samsung, for later activation with Verizon.
    2. Reports are showing here and there that the S10 series unlocked will work with Verizon wifi calling. Gonna risk it.
    3. Some father's day deals, but nothing tremendous. Just needed phone.
    4. Thanks all!

    Ok, well I ordered the unlocked S10+ directly from Samsung.

    There were some reports of wifi calling working fine on the 10 series with Verizon. I figure I'll go see first hand and risk it.

    The deals were in the "meh" category. If anyone's interested:

    Free Samsung earbuds
    $100 off
    Free Year of YouTube hoozits and watzits

    I think they valued the whole thing at ~$350. I got no protection plan from them (didn't include loss and theft), nor anything else.

    Put it around $1149. Almost certainly a terrible price because of father's day deals coming up, but I don't trust the other vendors yet to not have something half-way between unlocked and a vendor locked phone (I'm just getting my unlocked feet wet).

    I didn't even trust the "have us activate it" thing, because I was afraid of some weird closet deal they might be forced into that requires bloat to show up, or something else untoward.

    So I'll probably have to pay for a new SIM at the TheftVerizon store, but what'evs.
    Congrats on the new phone, hope you enjoy it when it arrives.
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    06-09-2019 01:13 PM
  3. tgm1024's Avatar
    They shouldn't charge you if you need a new SIM
    That's what I thought too. This was a couple months ago when I asked about transferring an iPhone over for my son. I'll find out if he was referring to something else [equally stupid] when I bring the S10+ in. <Cranky level=UnGodly>I have to tell you, there are times when it becomes obvious to me that the only thing I like about Verizon is that at least they're not Comcast.</Cranky>
    06-09-2019 11:30 PM
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