1. frumpyjones's Avatar
    Hi all,

    On Google Fi, with Google Pixel 3XL (purchased at the google story, and no monkeying with it. Running Android 10.

    About 4 weeks ago, all over my news feed, was the fact that you could switch between your g-mail accounts by swiping. To this date, I still do not have that ability.

    Two weeks ago, it was slapped all over my new feed that G-mail now has a dark mode. To this date, I still don't have that ability either.

    So I'm down to three reasons:

    1. Everyone is lying and no one (or very few) actually have the ability to do this
    2. Google hates me and doesn't want me to play with fancy new things even though all my smartphone money goes to them
    3. Google doesn't know its *** from a hole-in-the-ground when it comes to evenly pushing out updates

    So which is it? And am I alone with this stuff?
    09-19-2019 02:56 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    There's another thread about this same issue. Please join the discussion here.


    Thread closed to avoid parallel discussions.
    09-19-2019 03:04 PM

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