1. mustbealiens's Avatar
    Incognito mode has existed in Google Chrome (desktop and mobile) for a while now and it is well known that there is no encryption or additional privacy measures in place with the transmission of information - it simply doesn't keep your history and temp files around after you close the window.

    Allo's incognito mode appears to turn on end-to-end encryption. This is worlds and worlds away from what users know Incognito Mode as today. This is important - security and encryption is complex and great lengths have been taken so that as these things are introduced into consumer products that they do not confuse or mislead the consumer as to what they are protecting against. Yes, I know that Chrome has that cute message assuring people that things aren't encrypted or anything, but a branded feature across multiple products for something this sensitive should function exactly the same.

    My guess is that this is an example of when marketing ignores the engineers and has their own agenda trying to unify user experiences blah blah blah.

    Unless end to end encryption is coming to Chrome's incognito mode then I don't understand this decision.
    09-21-2016 12:00 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Fully agree, good point. It has the connotation of more private, but not more secure with its current name.
    09-21-2016 12:09 PM
  3. Stevenmc8602's Avatar
    I frequent tech sites and forums and this never crossed my mind, so i'm sure "non-techie" ppl will never think about this
    zero3187 likes this.
    09-21-2016 09:17 PM
  4. mustbealiens's Avatar
    @Stevenmc8602, thats my point really.
    09-22-2016 08:03 AM

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