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    First, I am sorry if this was already posted. I didn't see it, so I wanted to share.

    I am in Canada, and to date I didn't receive GA pushed to my phone.
    I searched and finally found a solution by a guy name Russ from Canada as well that wasn't getting the GA update. So credit goes to him.

    This not only worked for me, but everyone else that tried it.

    Navigate to "Settings > Apps > Google App" then click "Storage > Manage Space > Clear all data".
    (That second part may differ slightly in other versions of Android).

    Go into Language, and set your Language to English ( US )

    Reboot and you should have Google Assistant when you hold your home button. Don't be discouraged if you still see the GOOGLE NOW setup. I did. Completed the Google Now setup and after it was setup and I held Home GA setup came up.

    Important note. Many have switched back to English ( CA ) after this and it GA still worked but only for a short time, it reverted back to Google Now. So in the mean time if you want GA you will have to leave your language set to English (US) as primary language.
    03-24-2017 11:21 PM

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