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    Hey folks -- Techrabbit.com is selling new (not refurb) 2013 Pixels with 64 GB SSD and LTE for just $399 for the next 20 hrs or so, if you add on the code BDCHR90 (which lops $90 off the current $399 price tag). Free shipping, and if you're in the US and not in New Jersey, no sales tax! Google Chromebook Pixel 64GB WiFi + LTE Laptop | Tech Rabbit

    After this limited time, I assume it will go back up to $450 (with the coupon code bringing it down to $360). That's what I purchased it for just yesterday. I might try emailing them to see if I can get a price adjustment, but even if I don't, it's still a great deal!

    Of course, the 2013 Pixel will not get Android apps, and Google won't guarantee updates beyond 4/2018, but I only intend to use it for heavy duty web activity, and I look forward to its legendary build quality!
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    02-09-2017 02:28 AM

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