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    I bought two Chromecast ultras a couple of months ago so my fiance and I could watch youtube videos on our living room and bedroom TVs. These are my first chromecasts devices and probably my last.

    Setting up the first one in the living room was quick and easy. I followed the instructions to set up the device and it connected no problems. The one in the bedroom would connect to the wifi (google wifi, ironically) but the google home app couldn't find it. After spending two hours resetting and rebooting the chromecast I gave up for the evening. The next morning I checked the google home app and the bedroom chromecast suddenly showed up but the living room chromecast disappeared. The bedroom chromecast on the other hand has consistently worked on my S8, my fiance's iPhone 6, her ipad and all 3 laptops with no problems at all. I reset and rebooted the living room chromecast maybe 2 dozen times and sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't. I've reset my modem over and over again (and I refuse to do it again) and nothing will allow it to stay connected. The one exception is on our laptops. Using chrome on our laptops we can cast to either device consistently. I don't know why the laptop can see it but the google home app on my phone can't. The youtube app on the phones and ipad can't see it either 90% of the time so at this point we barely use it in the living room. I hate it. It doesn't make any sense how the two of them on the same network connected to a google wifi have such different behaviors. If it didn't work at all with the laptops I would've returned both devices already even though the one in the bedroom works fine. I would never purchase or recommend chromecast to anyone when roku and fire TV are so much easier to use and setup and I hate using my phone as a remote control.

    On a another tangent the nest camera app is terrible. I've used the app on iPhone 6, 6s, 7, Galaxy S7 and S8. I get alerts but the scrub feature to scroll through the camera alerts is incredibly clunky when it works at all. I've switched to the logi circle from logitech as a result.
    02-02-2018 03:26 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Hi, welcome back and thanks for sharing!
    02-02-2018 03:46 PM
  3. Wildo6882's Avatar
    I've enjoyed my Chromecast Ultra until lately where it won't stay connected when streaming from the MLB At Bat app. I don't know why it constantly fails, but it works for a few minutes, then loses connection. Repeat.

    I've rebooted the Chromecast, my phone, and reset the wifi connection on the Chromecast, and it still doesn't work right.
    05-25-2018 12:53 PM

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