1. spgiva's Avatar
    So I am wondering if anyone knows ins and outs of what the new chromecast with google tv needs speed wise compared with old chromecasts.

    I have 3 tv's which all had either 1st or 2nd gen chromecasts that worked just fine. I upgraded all three with the new chromecast about a week ago. Two work just fine but one seems to have constant wife issues. I never had wifi issues when streaming from my phone with the old chromecast (2nd gen). I switched around which chromecast was attached to which tv and it is definitely an issue with the one TV/location (basement).

    I am wondering why this is. Our house is covered with Wifi from Eero Wifi devices atached to a Verizon router. The Wifi signal in this section of the house (the basement) is no weaker then anywhere else. The old chromecast worked in the basement just fine. I can still stream to the new chromecast from my phone with relative ease, but if I try to watch a video through google tv on this one TV the videeo is continually interutpted with notices that the Wifi signal was lost and it breaks connection, then re-connects and eventually restarts. As I mentioned when I swapped one new chromecast for a different new chromecast (from one of the TV's that do not have a problem) I get the same problem so I do not think it is the device itself.

    Curious if anyone has any thoughts.
    11-03-2020 04:32 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It could be that the newer Chromecast hardware isn't as sensitive (or as strong - WiFi is 2-way) as the older hardware. So the older hardware was getting sufficient signal from or to the basement, but the newer hardware isn't.
    11-03-2020 10:50 PM

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