1. Kiersten_Kress's Avatar
    just picked it up at Best Buy retail store an hour ago. The final price was only $5.46
    ($35 - $30 RewardZone certificate + 9.25% state sales tax).

    The 12-digit Netflix code was indeed preprinted on the same receipt. I just got home
    and entered it into my existing Netflix account. It was accepted with no issues.

    What will happen if I return the Chromecast unopened back to Best Buy? The Best
    Buy receipt shows the Netfix as a SKU: 1585017 - 3 Mos Netflix Free Netflix 3 moths
    subscription $23.97 Notebk Bndl - price $0.00

    Just wondering... Or I can sell the Chromecast for $64. Many have sold for that
    price on Amazon today... not sure what kind of people are willing to pay $64, since
    my local Best Buy store had more than 200 in stock, according to the manager
    who grabbed one for me.
    07-25-2013 01:52 PM

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