1. ybcthanerd's Avatar
    Has any one used a chromecast with a chromebook other than the pixel

    Posted via Android Central App
    07-26-2013 03:07 PM
  2. fabiosan's Avatar
    There are several youtube videos with people demoing from a samsung arm chromebook (which I own) so it's seem like we are good.
    07-26-2013 04:25 PM
  3. CaliforniaDrew's Avatar
    I tried casting a Chrome tab from my Samsung Chromebook - it's a no go. Videos are choppy to the point they are unwatchable. Casting from a native app (Netflix, YouTube or Google Play) obviously works fine. If you go read the system requirements for Chromecast, it does say Pixel only, and Samsung ARM support to come (SD only).
    07-27-2013 11:05 AM
  4. hawkns's Avatar
    No issues casting tabs or full screen on my Chromebook 550.
    07-27-2013 04:49 PM

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