12-24-2016 01:38 PM
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  1. amels802's Avatar
    I'm having the exact same issue as the OP. It started in the last few days. It ONLY happens with Play Music connected to Chromecast and not when using the app via my phone's speakers or my car bluetooth. Sometimes when I turn the screen back on, there's an error in the notification dropdown "Couldn't play the track you requested". I thought hard resetting the Chromecast and applying the 8/16 Play Music app update might help but no luck. Also cleared data and cache for the Play Music app.

    I have a Nexus 4 with stock 4.2.2 and Franco kernel. Neither of those have been updated since Chromecast was released. Wifi is set to Always on during sleep.
    08-16-2013 11:39 PM
  2. niffrig's Avatar
    The play music app only streams from Google's cloud. The advantage is that you *should* be able to continue to play music when the wifi goes to sleep when the screen does as well as significant battery savings. I am having the same issue and suspect that it is happening because the wifi sleep is preventing the device from requesting the chromecast to play the next song.
    08-17-2013 09:17 AM
  3. Racer-X#AC's Avatar
    I've found the issue!

    Why I didn't think of this before is beyond me... I went to Settings / Apps / Running and took a look at what was currently running on my phone. There were a few Google services, and three apps - Field Trip, Savored, and WiFi Toggle Widget (by Droidmania). I started with the obvious one, the WiFi toggle widget. I went back to Settings / Apps, cleared the data, deleted it and now Google Music does not stop after the first song! I don't know why that app was messing things up, but it was.

    I did try my phone again before starting today's testing and deleting anything, and it would only play one song. I was hopeful that the updates to Play Music and Chromcast would fix it but they didn't.

    I'm going to email the developer and let him know what I found, and then install the toggle that my wife uses.
    08-17-2013 05:07 PM
  4. W Joshua Kennedy's Avatar
    Here's another data point for you all experiencing this. I definitely think there's a strange bug because I have a Nexus 4 with up to date OTA Android, Play, etc. and my problem is similar but slightly different. If I force my phone to sleep via the power button after starting a chrome cast the music will stop after a couple of minutes, usually some time during the middle of the first or second song. However, if I leave the screen on and let it go to sleep on its own (set to 2 min timer) play continues uninterrupted! I almost always stream "radio" (ie, Pandora-style Google Play streams), but this behavior is also the same even with locally pinned playlists.
    09-10-2013 05:29 PM
  5. skiznoo's Avatar
    I'm running a Gnex with AOKP. I found this thread looking for a solution to a similar problem. My Chromecast wouldn't promptly advance to the next song in the queue when my Gnex was asleep streaming music from my Google Play Music library. It would take upwards of 15 seconds. If I unlocked my phone, it would advance immediately.

    My possible fix: I went into my Wi-Fi settings, then advanced settings, and switched off "Wi-Fi Optimization: Minimize battery usage while Wi-Fi is on." I changed that, rebooted my phone, and now have continuous, gapless playback. Hope it works for you other folks.
    09-11-2013 09:06 PM
  6. Moe Joe1's Avatar
    As soon as I uninstalled Sensor Music Player, all my streaming audio programs began working again.
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    09-20-2013 11:53 PM
  7. unix4linux's Avatar

    Thank you very much for your post throughout your trouble with figuring this out. I was having this issue for two days and ran into your post. Your issue and fix helped me a great deal. I was able to fix my issue thanks to you. I too had the wifi toggle app. After removing it I am now good.

    Thanks again!!
    10-19-2013 08:28 PM
  8. johnnyfear's Avatar
    As soon as I uninstalled Sensor Music Player, all my streaming audio programs began working again.
    Interestingly enough, that's about when I started noticing the issue on my Moto X. I'll try uninstalling Sensor also and report back, for what it's worth.
    11-12-2013 08:51 PM
  9. ZarathustraHead's Avatar
    Try this app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...pon.wifi&hl=en

    I have the same problem on my Note 3. Using the REPGPON wifi KeepAlive app, I've played Google Music on my Note 3 through Chromecast with the screen off with no disconnects for over an hour. I would uncheck the boxes in the app, turn off the screen, and my phone would disconnect within a song or two just like it was doing before. I would recheck the boxes, and the music would play again without interruption.

    Please give it a try and report whether it works for you.

    sent from my Nexus 10
    11-14-2013 12:31 AM
  10. Appelflap's Avatar
    REGPRON KeepWifiAlive works on my Note 3. But it drains the battery like hell.
    12-12-2013 02:01 PM
  11. ZarathustraHead's Avatar
    Verizon updated my Note 3 tonight. I am running Google music from my phone to Chromecast with the Regpon wifi app off without issue for the first time. I'm only about five songs in, but feeling optimistic. It's never gone this long before.

    sent from my Note 3
    12-13-2013 01:40 AM
  12. CMChe's Avatar
    I've had the same issue with my HTC ONE. It disconnects from Chromecast when the screen turns off and stops playing music with Google Play Music. My wife has the same phone, but not the same problem. I've tried the solutions suggested above, but have had no success. Any other suggestions for the HTC ONE?
    01-07-2014 09:59 AM
  13. kambroso's Avatar
    I'm experiencing the same issue with a Nexus 5. In my case at least, I think it all stems from a wifi sleeping issue. I have wifi set to always stay on, and am not using any toggles or any of the previously mentioned apps, but occasionally I'll see a 3G icon when turning the screen back on, and have also noticed mobile data usage while at home and [supposedly] constantly on wifi. So if the wifi is indeed turning off along with the screen, it follows suit that the phone can no longer control the Chromecast, which can only be done from the same wifi network. In my case, if I play an album, it will successfully play a few songs, then stop and the TV will show the ready-to-cast screen. As soon as I turn the phone back on, playback resumes with the next song. This randomly occurs after anywhere from one to several songs.
    01-07-2014 12:36 PM
  14. tomnoir's Avatar
    I have been having the same issue as the OP, although I do not have the plugin installed that he mentioned as the culprit. Like others, my WiFi is set to Always On.

    I found a setting today that seems to have helped. There is an option under Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced called 'Wi-Fi optimization'. I unchecked it and at least for the moment the Google Play -> Chromecast connection is not cutting out.
    01-27-2014 02:29 PM
  15. Mk Ml's Avatar
    Hi all,

    so much time has elapsed with solutions for only a part of you, and the same topic in several other forums has stalled... Today I found out something that might both surprise and help many of you:

    I have been having the OP's issue with my NotePro (SM-P905, stock). No suspicious apps, and no way to deinstall the TouchWiz toggles of course. Today I just replaced the TouchWiz launcher ("TouchWiz Start") with the Google Now Launcher -- and voila, still playing!!! No root required -- just install Google Now Launcher and select it under Settings -> Application Defaults. There is no big difference otherwise, the toggles (when swiping down) and all other TouchWiz features are unaffected. You will gain better "Ok Google"-experience in addition. You will have to re-arrange your start screens, though.

    In fact, this finding will probably be relevant for many other phones as well, and potentially also for the OP: As an example, I have seen two different samples of the Moto G 2nd (XT1068) bought within 4 weeks in Berlin, one of them using "Launcher 3" from stock and the other with the Google Now Launcher by default. (Yes, slightly different build numbers.) The OP might have missed this difference when comparing his phone to his wife's, because it seems that the Android Settings item "Home", for switching between launchers, is only displayed when you have more than one launcher installed. Clever hide-and-seek, isn't it?

    Hope that helps (and happy New Year),
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    01-02-2015 10:36 AM
  16. majanboo22's Avatar
    I have fixed this issue!! On my samsung galaxy s4, I had an app that I had once installed called "Clean master". The purpose of this app is to clean or free up your ram or memory when you turn the phone screen off or are not actively using the phone for a bit.

    Well I guess this app also cleaned out my music player's ram or memory also when the screen would get turned off, or go off on its own.

    So I went to settings/ application manager/ then clicked on the installed tab.

    I found the "clean master" app, clicked on it, then clicked "clear data", then clicked "stop app", then clicked "uninstall".

    After I played a song and turned off the screen, and the music kept playing with the screen off.

    For those out there, keep an eye on those "memory killer/cleaner" apps. This should help quite a few of you.
    04-01-2015 08:22 PM
  17. Mr Guinness's Avatar
    Hi MK,
    I am having the same problem as you. I have a ZTE phone which is running Android 4.3. I downloaded the google now launcher, but in Android 4.3 there doesn't seem to be a way to change the default. Does anybody have any suggestions?
    Thank you,
    Mr. Guinness
    04-13-2015 05:49 PM
  18. neu smurph's Avatar
    If you are on 4.3 or below when you first install a replacement launcher and press the home button it should ask you which launcher to use and whether to use it once only or always.

    Assuming you've selected an always option to bring the choice back go to Setting / Apps / Select the current Launcher and select clear defaults. Press home button to be asked which Launcher to use.

    This also works in 4.4+, but you've also got the specific Home section in Settings App to change the default.
    04-14-2015 12:04 AM
  19. Civuck's Avatar
    I too have been having this "random stalling Google Play Music when casting from mobile" issue for a while on multiple devices.

    Here are my data-points:

    • Problem occurs with all three of my Chromecasts
    • Problem is now also occuring with my new LG H3 Music Flow smart speaker which has Google Cast for Audio
    • Problem occurs with the following devices: Nexus 7 2012 WiFi (Lollipop 5.1), Galaxy Note 3 (Lollipop 5.0, Apex Launcher), TabPro 8.4 (Kit Kit 4.4, Apex Launcher), iPad Air (iOS 8.3)
    • Problem does not occur when casting from Chrome browser on PC
    • Problem occurs with Google Play Music app pinned and unpinned media
    • Problem occurs with Google Play Music radio channels and library media
    • Problem occurs with and without Google Play Music app caching options engaged

    So the common denominator seems to be the Google Play Music mobile apps - not hardware, not OS or OS version.
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    04-25-2015 10:59 AM
  20. Preben Payne's Avatar
    I had the same problem on my Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+ tablet.
    I have completely solved the problem by installing and app called "CPU Awake".
    What I do is run this app, set minutes and seconds to 0 and Activate. After this, I don't press the shut down button on my tablet, but just let the screen time out. Then it all works and plays forever. I know that CPU awake sounds like using a lot of battery, but i actually doesn't, only very little.
    08-10-2015 02:53 AM
  21. daizey007's Avatar
    I have the same problem on my Moto E2.Android. I can play the FM radio app fine it won't stop playing, But if I try and play my
    YouTube music play list, when the screen turns off, so does the music. I have Cricket service, and you have Verizon. that's a contagious Bug...
    12-03-2015 08:25 PM
  22. Bev Z's Avatar
    Having the same problem.
    Being an Android for life user I assumed it was an easy fix of going to your settings, finding the time-out/sleep mode settings and telling it to continue to use the Google Music App even during sleep. Nope.

    Can't find the answer.

    It's not about where the music is coming from (phone or cloud) it's about when the phone goes into sleep mode.

    It's also the actual app itself because Pandora doesn't do this (or if it does I get a lot more play time before it does & the phone it set to sleep within like 30 seconds of inactivity).

    I have Verizon service, don't think it matters as it's obviously a phone/app issue from what I can figure out.

    Insight would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    We're obviously not alone with this problem.

    Google needs to address this if they expect people who are obviously impressed with most things google & with AOS to use their app for music too!

    11-27-2016 09:38 AM
  23. Bev Z's Avatar

    Occurs when I use my Samsung 7 tablet also, which sux cuz I like to fall asleep listening to my music!

    Doesn't occur when I use an FM app I downloaded or when using Spotify or Pandora.
    11-27-2016 09:42 AM
  24. Bev Z's Avatar
    Definitely going to try this as it sounds like the best way to approach a "google" issue with a "google" fix.
    11-27-2016 09:54 AM
  25. gerrya's Avatar
    This is unbelievable how long this has gone on, I gave up on the app for a long time, just tried again for Christmas music. Happens on every device I have ever had. I can cast you tube video music and it will play forever. Sending Google feedback must go straight to there trash bin.
    12-24-2016 01:38 PM
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