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    my computer monitor is samsung ex2220
    22" EX2220 Series 20 LED Professional Monitor | LS22CLUSBE - SAMSUNG UK - TECH SPECS

    i connect chromcast to him with adpter (this one its adpter between hdmi to dvi 24 pin )

    Best Dvi Hdmi - Cheap Dvi to Hdmi Dvi 24 1 24 5 Male to Hdmi 19pin Female M F Adapter Converter for Hdtvnewrealm Online with $1.23/Piece | DHgate

    in this case i dont need the audio only the picture and the monitor include HDCP .

    when i open the monitor its work perfect with chromcast i watch the picture but for only 2-3 minuts .
    after this it has a white snow on the screen its look like it lost the sync .
    i try to put off and open the monitor same case all time .
    in the tv chromecast works perfect
    what it shoud be ?
    how to solve it ?
    11-03-2013 10:24 AM

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