1. xacrosstime's Avatar
    I just installed a new Chromecast today. Works beautifully! However, I've noticed that after switching my television back to its normal HDMI input for normal cable, the screen starts to periodically cut back and forth from a black screen and shows the HDMI Input selection in the top corner of the screen as if you are switching back and forth between inputs. It has never done this before. Is my Chromecast doing this, somehow? Does anyone else have this problem? I have not yet tested streaming a long-term video or something with the Chromecast so I'm not sure if it would do the same thing while streaming a movie or tv show (so far, I've had no issues streaming with Chromecast). I have not tried leaving the Chromecast unplugged as I would prefer to leave it plugged into my wall outlet so that it can receive updates whenever it needs to.

    Has anyone else heard of this before? Any ideas on what's happening / how to fix it?
    12-25-2013 08:07 PM
  2. jpr's Avatar
    I have not experienced anything like this but do you have CEC enabled on your TV? Are you stopping whatever you are casting before switching inputs? That's just a thought - maybe the way your TV implements CEC is buggy and it's trying to switch inputs because it's slow at responding and thinks the chromecast is trying to cast. Now I don't even know if you have CEC so it may be irrelevant. I have CEC enabled and don't get this problem even if I don't stop casting before switching inputs (which is exactly how it should work) but your question just made me think of that because of the input switching menu you mentioned. So if you do have CEC enabled, try disabling it to troubleshoot.
    12-26-2013 01:10 AM

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