1. tdizzel's Avatar
    I thought I'd give Real Cloud Player a shot as a solution to streaming content via Chromescast and I got quite the pleasant surprised. I thought it could only stream through the cloud but that isn't the case at all.
    I downloaded the Real Cloud Player on my PC and it came with 2.5 GB of cloud storage...not nearly enough for the hundreds of videos on my PC. I also downloaded it on my phone and tablet which gave me another 500 MB of storage, still not enough. Then the magic happened. The player on my PC asked to scan for media files to add to my library. It found my folder that holds all my videos and added them to the library. Then I opened the Real Cloud Player on my tablet, and Voila! All my videos were showing up there, and I was able to stream them to Chromecast from my tablet. It only seems to work with mp4 files, but almost all my videos are mp4 so I don't mind. And the videos that aren't mp4, i can still upload them to the 3 GB of storage I have in the cloud and stream from there.
    But there it is. I can now stream my videos that are on my PC to my Chromecast with very minimal setup, and no fees whatsoever.
    Pretty cool I think.
    01-02-2014 07:12 PM
  2. wickedcontra's Avatar
    might have to look in to this. I just uninstall Plex server from my computer. It will not let you edit folders to stream without deleting the file from your computer... WTH??
    01-02-2014 10:36 PM

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