1. antwon wonton's Avatar
    Greetings! And thank you in advance if we figure this out!
    Plugged the Chromecast into ALL of the HDMI ports on this receiver and I get a BEAUTIFUL picture with Netflix.....but no Audio...
    Tried several other APPS same thing picture but no Audio.

    What I have tried:
    Verified the phones Audio is on adjusted while playing etc.....
    Checked the HDMI settings on the Receiver the following is true:
    HDMI Pass-Thru is disabled and set to AMP (Which is what I want)
    Plugged Chromecast into 3 other TV's and it works perfect on every single one.....

    This home theatre works beautiful I have a Epson LED LCD Projector the Pioneer and all BIC Speakers. The main media player is a custom built home theatre PC. I am not new the whole tech thingy as a matter of fact I am a programmer and industrial electrical engineer by day with a side of level 4 networking experience....

    This one has me perplexed....
    01-10-2014 01:54 PM

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