1. BrianCioffi's Avatar
    Hi. I have the CC and the first time I used it, no problems. Now, everytime I switch it from my living room to bedroom, it can't find the CC on the network. The CC has a red light when I plug it in. I have to plug and unplug like 6 times to get it to a white light, then it prompts me to go through the whole set-up process again. Everytime I want to use it, re-entering my wifi pw (which is f-ing long!!). It isn't remembering me. Any suggestions? Thanks
    02-05-2014 07:46 AM
  2. patruns's Avatar
    How far away from your router is the bedroom TV as compared to the living room Tv?
    02-05-2014 10:22 AM
  3. Devlyn16's Avatar
    use an app like wi-fi analyzer to check the signal strength in both places.
    02-05-2014 11:58 AM
  4. BrianCioffi's Avatar
    The router is one level down, pretty much directly below the upstairs tv...so through the floor, about 15 feet. My wifi signal on my phone is 9MBPS down and 8MBPS up, analyzed from the area near the HDMI on my TV. I suppose even with those numbers, it could be a router issue.
    02-06-2014 08:43 AM
  5. JRDroid's Avatar
    What router do you have? I had a Belkin N300 router and had so many problems with my Chromecast it was ridiculous. I tried resetting both several times to no avail. I decided to upgrade to an AC router, and even though my Chromecast is still using 2.4 Ghz 802.11N, it has zero issues with my new router. Even when my phone/laptop/tablet is on the 5 Ghz network.
    02-06-2014 08:49 AM

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