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    Two nights ago I tried streaming a movie I purchased but when I hit the Chromecast button in Movies it would cycle blue but wouldn't turn completely blue showing it was connected. The tv showed it was connected but when I tried to play the movie the app would say it couldn't connect. Then I tried YouTube and got the same issue. Last night I was able to stream Netflix but again Movies didn't work.

    I tried force closing the app, rebooting my tablet and the Chromecast and then tried from my phone and got the same thing.

    Anyone else having this issue or have any suggestions?

    I'm using a Nexus 7 and an LG G2 btw.

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    03-21-2014 09:20 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Just tried a movie on my N5, and it was working. Maybe clearing the connection to your router and reconnecting?
    03-21-2014 09:36 AM
  3. phlyer's Avatar
    Was kinda hoping that it was a Google issue so I wouldn't have to troubleshoot. lol

    I'll try that tonight. Thanks!

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    03-21-2014 09:44 AM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Hope it works out.

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    03-21-2014 09:55 AM
  5. Steve_S_T's Avatar
    Hi Phlyer. I don't know where you are based but I'm in the UK and using BT broadband and their router. I couldn't get Play Music to work properly but solved that by following the simple router-tweaking instructions here - https://support.google.com/chromecas...1787?hl=en-GB#


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    03-22-2014 05:57 AM

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