1. Jordan Seider's Avatar
    I have a somewhat older HD TV. I want to buy a HD component cable to HDMI converter off eBay. If I plug a Google Chromecast into the new HDMI will it still function as it is supposed to?

    Here is the setup I am looking at doing:

    - TV (With Component Cable slots instead of HMDI)
    - Male Component Cable to Male HDMI converter
    - Female HDMI to Female HDMI converter
    - Chromecast (using male HDMI)
    03-22-2014 01:12 PM
  2. mavrrick's Avatar
    The problem as I see it would be HDCP. If the CC is forced to adhere to that as a requirement your plan is a no go. No analog connection will get HDCP on it ever.

    If it doesn't you have a chance.

    HDCP could also be application specific. Like it may be required for Play Movies, but not for Plex or other apps that do local content.

    Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3
    03-22-2014 04:17 PM
  3. spackmanstephen's Avatar
    Have you tried it yet?

    the big print giveth, the small print taketh
    03-25-2014 07:29 PM
  4. wkearney99's Avatar
    The only sort of converter that would likely work would probably be more expensive than a new TV. Dealing with HDCP handshaking is not trivial and not cheap. You can thank Hollywood for treating customer like thieves for this nonsense.
    03-26-2014 07:47 AM
  5. rxmoss's Avatar
    Sorry to dredge up an old post, but for someone who is still looking to get their Google Chromecast working on a TV that doesn't have HDMI, I just got one of these on the recommendation of a friend and it's working great (so far):

    Amazon.com: HDMI Converter for Google Chromecast: Use Chromecast with Older TVs that have Composite (red/white/yellow) Inputs. Includes Converter, Power Adapter Cable and Composite Video Cable. [NOTE: CHROMECAST SOLD SEPARATELY]: Electronics

    Good luck!
    06-11-2015 06:23 PM

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