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    I've had my Chromecast for a few months but recently I've been having issues.

    My GS3:
    -HULU plus used to cast but now I don't have the option through the app.
    -The chromcast app on my phone won't connect.
    -Youtube doesnt cast but I don't recall ever trying it before.
    -Netflix has always worked and continues to work despite the chromecast app not syncing. I've started casting a show through Netflix and backed out while it was still playing (and allowing control of the show) and tried Hulu/chromecast with no luck.

    Galaxy Tab 2:
    -Netflix works flawlessly as it does on my phone.
    -Hulu plus has never worked.

    Chrome browser on my computer:
    -Mirrors picture and sound flawlessly.

    What could be going on here? I plan on factory resetting my phone (mainly because of other issues) and the chromecast this weekend but I'm curious what this issue could be. I factory reset the tablet last week and nothing but Netflix works, as it did before.

    All devices have the latest available updates.
    03-27-2014 11:06 AM

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