1. James Galliford's Avatar
    I have had mine for 2 day now.
    I set it up yesterday with no issues quick easy setup. I have Comcast wifi and the router is next to my tv reception is full.
    I am running it on my android cell phone and everything installed no problem...watched a little netflix...fine watched a little youtube also fine for about a half hour then I got a black screen with the message "having trouble playing this video, please choose another video" frozen to my TV screen apparently yet still running on my phone and showing the cast icon saying its casting ...tried to switch to another app shows that its casting but error still on my screen ...unplugged from HDMI and waited a bit , plugged it back in ...yup still there.
    SO I called the chromecast help support line. went through resetting router, resetting chromecast , uninstalling app from phone and reinstalling it several times...couldnt connect and keeps going to setup screen (it did not remember my set up info...hep desk said its supposed to"
    help determined my unit defective so i returned it to Best Buy today and got another one...
    Day 2
    set up with easy once again everything working watched some netflix watched some you tube no problems ...called helpdesk again to find out proper procedures for shutting off the unit when i was done watching it. I was told you have to leave it plugged in or it will forget your info and you have to reset everything and set up again. OK so i didnt unplug it thats fine.
    I turned it back on and started watching youtube and there it was again the same black screen error playing video message that i cant get off my TV without resetting my chromecast and having to set up again only now AGAIN im doing the reset on the unit and on the app and reset my router and still wont connect to my network saying to check my password (ITS CORRECT)
    yesterday when i called for help I was told the unit was defective for doing this...today they say it must be my tv...try a different TV or HDMI port...HUH??? what diff does that make??
    Soooo what im trying to figure out is what are you supposed to do if you get an error like this ...Im supposed to reset my router and my app and phone and reset up the chromecast every time I want to watch a video and just hope it stays on? What else is there to check since now this performance doesnt mean its defective according to help when yesterday it did.
    any helpful hints??
    I will try again tomorrow but most likely will be returning it and trying something else
    05-21-2014 05:52 PM
  2. James Galliford's Avatar
    sorry for the typos in the title i couldnt edit it for some reason
    05-21-2014 05:56 PM
  3. Devlyn16's Avatar
    there are a number of things that come to mind that could be causing this. First thing I would do is download a wi-fi analyzer app to my phone to check the signal strength right next to the ChromeCast. Check it both when the CC is functioning and when it stops working. Second I would try using the HDMI entender to see if this makes a difference. You didnt mention where you were getting usb power from. so i would make sure you are connected to the wall wort and not the TV. Next log into your router and check the settings there. make sure you are allowing enough simultenious conections and check to see if have the latest firmware for the router.
    05-27-2014 10:38 AM

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