1. ericwilborn's Avatar
    I haven't found a definite answer and I need one to be able to pitch this to my work.

    My work has 3 locations. I typically work from location #1 and location #2 has our demo floor where we invite customers for demos (imagine that!) and sales pitches. We have TVs up and on one of them we have an image welcoming the customer. It changes each visit to include their logo. Right now I have to climb a ladder, unplug a flash drive, plug the flash drive into my computer, transfer the image, then climb the ladder again and plug the flash drive into the TV to display that image.

    I'd like to be able to update it from location #1 using a Chromecast. Is this possible? Where would I need to store the image?
    07-16-2015 02:59 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Chromecast is totally capable of doing this, as long as you're in the same WiFi as the Chromecast. You can either stream pictures from a phone, a tablet, or a computer using the Chrome browser (or anything in the browser, really). You can also stream pictures saved on your Google account (Google Photos).
    07-16-2015 03:02 PM
  3. ericwilborn's Avatar
    There are plenty of computers in location #2. As long as I remote into one of those I would be able to display something on the Chromecast using Chrome?
    07-16-2015 04:53 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Correct. However, I'm not sure if you can connect to several Chromecasts at the same time from the same computer.

    Another solution if you're only looking to show images is to set each Chromecast's "Backdrop" to a specific album in Google Photos. That way you can change said album from anywhere you want and the Chromecast would display accordingly. The only downside to this solution is that the Backdrop function (which is basically a slideshow of pictures while the device is on StandBy) overlays the Chromecast and some other text on top of the images, as opposed to when you're 'beaming' content to it from a device or Chrome browser.
    07-16-2015 05:50 PM
  5. ericwilborn's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips! I'll be in location #2 more than usual next week. I might pick up a Chromecast for my own use and bring it with me to test out.
    07-16-2015 07:00 PM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Not a bad investment, and look for those offers with Play Store credit hehe. I believe you get a free movie with each Chromecast as well, so don't forget to redeem those. And free trials of Play Music, Epix Movies (that one comes and goes, so if you see it available, I'd suggest you take it soon haha), and some other services.

    I got mine on a BestBuy sale for 20 bucks.
    07-20-2015 01:27 PM

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