1. Tim Cain's Avatar
    working in N Germany and I am watching UK TV via a Media Box which works OK but a bit awkward to operate.
    I have been reading up on alternatives and the ChromeCast maybe the solution.
    I use Filmon for the UK programs.
    I am assuming that this work OK.
    09-18-2015 09:37 AM
  2. Rarry's Avatar
    Not seen that before but it looks good. The HD subscription is pricey though at £150 but if the SD stays free that looks quite usable. The SD performance seems solid with no buffering.

    Their support site says "...after subscribing you can use the subscription on all your devices. Note that you need to use the email address to which your subscription was allocated as your username." so maybe you can set up an email and share an acccount with a couple of friends to share the cost?

    It also says "...Yes, you can watch FilmOn when moving from country to country. An exception is that the UK channels are unavailable for viewing in Australia and the USA due to geographical restrictions" It might be that they check that from your registration details so that would allow scope for 'adjustment'.

    Yes it seems to work ok with Chromecast but then the Chromecast does a lot else so for the money it's a no brainer anyway.

    If you get a VPN you can access iPlayer though I assume it would need setting up on the router so the CC could use it too. Tunnel Bear VPN seems to work ok.

    Another thing to look at is put.io which if you set up prog subscriptions using RSS you can get you all you need reasonably cheaply with little hassle, no ads, and with CC support too.
    09-18-2015 04:15 PM

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