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    I really like looking at the pictures I've taken with my phone (Pixel) on my chromecast via the Google Photos app. I've noticed that casting to my hd tv straight from the app makes my pictures appear somewhat mediocre. I usually give the photo time to completely load on the tv- but something about it is still flat and lifeless.

    If I add those same photos to an album and set it to sync with my Chromecast's backdrop- the quality is waay better looking. They're way crisp and clear.

    I feel like I've never had this problem before. I've been doing this since the first incarnation of the Chromecast- and I've only noticed it recently. I really started to noticed it when I got my Pixel- the pictures were underwhelming compared to how they looked on my phone. Once I noticed the sharper backdrop shots- I was relieved that my phone wasn't defective.

    Does anyone notice this? Software problem?
    12-05-2016 10:05 PM

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