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    FYI, I recently had an issue where Chromecasts, in particular those from YouTube TV, would revert to the Chromecast "home screen" after about 5-10 minutes of playback. If anyone is having this problem, the solution is fairly straightforward but takes a few minutes.

    Some of these steps might be unnecessary; you be the judge.

    FYI, I have Android 9 on Samsung Galaxy S10+ on Verizon.

    1. Disconnect phone from Wifi, Mobile Data.
    2. Go to Settings - Apps. Select YouTube TV. Select Storage, then delete cache and all data. Uninstall YouTube TV.
    3. Similarly, go into Settings - Apps and, for Google Home, delete cache, all data and then uninstall.
    4. Factory reset the Chromecast device. There are two ways to do this: via the device reset button or via Google Assistant/Home/Settings. Details are in this link.
    5. Activate wifi, mobile data, go to Google Play Store and reinstall YTTV and Home.
    6. Reconfigure each app.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling YTTV and that did not fix things. Same when I uninstalled and reinstalled YTTV and Google Home. It might be sufficient to simply factory reset the Chromecast device, but I did not try that on its own.

    Last tip: I believe I found the "reset device" settings in a somewhat different place within Google Assistant than the link suggests, but I can't replicate it (more specifically, I am scared to try :-). I did this vs. using the reset button only because my device is hard to reach in a cabinet.

    Hope this helps someone!
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    10-02-2019 03:51 PM
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    Thanks for the tip! Which generation of Chromecast do you have? I wonder if we might start seeing this more often on 1st gen dongles.
    10-03-2019 12:25 PM

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