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    I am one of the many people who is not satisfied with the Nexus One's battery life. I have been searching the web since I got my phone and beside a few posts in different forums, which provided some very good advice for improving the battery life, I couldn't find any other possible solutions (neither software, nor hardware related) for this problem. But today, I came across a product for the iPhone (yes, I know, I know) called Power Skin from MiLi, so I decided to contact them and see if they were working on something similar for the Nexus One. The fact is that they are playing with the idea/project, but right now they only have this idea in their "drawing board" with no time line. My communications with them were only through email, but I was surprised by how interested they were in hearing my suggestions, and they went as far as giving me the contact information for 4 for people in the company, in case I had more questions or suggestions for them. This actually make me believe that they are very interested in the project, but maybe concerned with the profitability of the project.

    I know that there are a lot of frustrated people out there, I do share some of that frustration, but I am also one of the many who LOVE the Nexus One, I think that this phone is amazing and my only grievance is the phone's battery life (No, I don't have any 3G issues), and I think that a product from this company will be a great solution to the battery situation. This case/skin (if made) will power and protect the Nexus One at the same time, plus it will maintain the beauty and form factor of the phone, which is not the case with the only similar product out there (Seidio Innocell 3200mAh Extended Life Battery). I think that most of us like this phone for three major reasons: 1. Android give us the FREEDOM to do with it whatever we want, 2. It is GREAT LOOKING, and 3. I will discuss below.

    You can check the company at milidirect.com, and there are videos in youtube, just search for MiLi Power Skin.

    If after seeing the videos, you agree with me, please post your suggestions for the company and I will try to get them to look at this post, well, if there are enough people interested.

    My main reason for commenting here is that I want to see this product in the future, and I don't think that R&D and manufacturing will be an issue for MiLi, the problem is that the company is making products for a very large market right now, and although we are a very large community of users/owners (150K and counting), here is where #3 above comes in, we are not visible (I have yet to meet another Nexus One owner) and we like the fact that we have a phone that nobody else has (yes, I like to show off my Nexus One and so do you), but when it comes to accessories for the phone, it is not such a good thing.

    So what I am trying to do is to create some noise and get people talking about this product in this forum and other blogs, so the company can see that there is a market. Also, I hope that people contact the company directly as well, so they can see that there is definitely an interest from our community.

    Finally, I DON'T WORK FOR THE COMPANY, I just want to clarify this, and also that this product DOES NOT exist yet, but I think that we can get it built and probably become the best accessory out there for the Nexus One.

    We as consumers can influence the market and some times manufacturers, I hope that if you took the time to read this reply, you can take the time to get this thing going.
    04-23-2010 04:17 PM
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    Although I think MiLi makes some great products, the reason they are good for the iPhone is that you don't have an option. With the N1 you can simply carry about a spare $25 battery and swap it out as needed.

    No need for this IMHO.
    04-23-2010 04:21 PM
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    I know that you are right about carrying an extra battery, but I do think that this is a better option, which is basically my thinking. I am not a big fan of carrying an extra battery in my pocket, I did it at one point in time and it annoyed the hell out of me. Also, I find it kind of inconvenient having to put the battery in the phone to charge. I think that this could solve two problems at once, so I will keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for your honest opinion.
    04-23-2010 10:11 PM