1. 88 FLUX's Avatar
    While the Gizmodo article doesn't list a direct source (outside of mentioning the Sprint representative's name), I think most people assumed this was going to follow the same path that the Verizon Nexus One did due to the release of the Incredible (just substitute EVO 4G for Sprint).


    EDIT: A/C has reported on it as well now...
    05-10-2010 02:55 PM
  2. Droid800's Avatar
    Well then. The N1 has officially become the redheaded step-child of the Android world. What was originally supposed to be a carrier-independent phone (choose your phone first, then choose the carrier you want), has turned into a giant pile of fail.

    Something tells me that the N1 has stressed relations with other hardware partners to the point that carriers are choosing those partners over Google's offering. (and the issues that would come along with it) Rather than deal with ******** from the hardware folks, carriers are choosing to drop the Google phone instead.

    This should dash anyone's hopes of the Nexus line continuing beyond the One.
    05-11-2010 12:44 AM
  3. anon(21022)'s Avatar
    In the US, maybe. Here in Canada I can use the N1 on Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, Virgin, WIND. That's pretty much all of them, minus some minor MVNs like Solo or newcomers like Public Mobile, both of whom aren't smartphone carriers anyway.
    05-11-2010 07:28 AM
  4. r-nice's Avatar
    Poor Nexus One.
    05-11-2010 08:05 AM