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    Turns out the original person at T-mobile didn't understand google's way...it would cost me 279.99

    Hi guys,

    I searched with no luck. Feel free to comment on any of it!

    This would be my first Android device and it was looking like a 4g in a land slide. Then issues started to pop up and I hesitated...

    The 4g currently has issues. Batter lifey, screen, a FPS cap, etc. Who knows till how long HTC takes to iron them out. I'm in the market for a phone within the next month, the 4g is sold out (Although I put a 50 dollar deposit on it today).

    Currently up front cost would be greater with sprint. The phone would run 340 out the door with $100 dollar rebate coming later. Add in a Sprint activation fee of $36 that I would have to ask a CSR to be waved and the upfront cost is more. So we are looking at around $376 + bill with Sprint versus $179 + bill with Nexus one. Plans cost the same to me, T-mobile at 70.40 and sprint at 69.50 after discounts.

    I live in Orange county and 4g is not coming for a while. I was looking up the HPSA+ network and I guess studies are saying it's faster or as fast as Evo's current 4g, which is huge.

    What I like about Nexus One:

    1) Cost: It's a lot cheaper for me to go through T-mobile (Who I am currently with)
    2) It's Google's Phone: Getting Froyo first is worth it.

    So my questions:

    1) How happy are you with your Nexus one? Are there UI's that can be run without rooting?
    2) How is the HPSA+ out there by you? I know there was a stickied thread on 3g switching to 2g, how often does that happen to you? How fast on average is your speed do you think? Anyone from the Orange County are have anything to add?
    3) Does no pinch to zoom bother you?
    4) How is your battery life!

    I actually played with both, and I liked the Nexus one for the most part minus the hard button on the bottom, they weren't that responsive.

    Whoops: There might be a wrench in this whole thing, google is saying a Upgrade cost 279.99...T-mobile (who I am currently with) said it would only be 179.99...
    06-23-2010 08:29 PM
  2. RayStinkle's Avatar
    the nexus DOES have pinch to zoom everywhere, in google maps, browser, gallery. your phone will come with it, i promise.
    06-24-2010 02:09 PM
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    Unfortunately, it does cost more to upgrade to the N1 if you are an existing T-Mobile customer, a whole 100 dollars more than if you are a new user. For whatever reason, Google has this pricing so that t-Mobile can attract new users with a better phone. While it does suck that you'll have to pay around 279.99, it does seem like it is still cheaper than getting the EVO, and the N1, from what I understand is one of the most customizable Android phones on the market. If you are worried about coverage, look under my posts and find the one asking about existing N1 users, I got a lot of good feedback on that.
    06-24-2010 03:23 PM