1. BigVDawgy's Avatar
    This might have been posted elsewhere, but figured I'd remind people how to enable the Move Apps to SD Card. Credit goes to grellanl on the Engadget Froyo Update comments. (This does NOT require rooting)

    -First thing you need to do is Download the SDK from Google at:
    http : / /developer.android.com/sdk/index.html
    -Run the install, be sure to add the USB driver
    -Connect your N1 with Froyo to your computer via USB
    -On your N1 go to Settings - Development and check the box next to USB debugging
    -For Windows users, on your PC, open a Command Prompt, get to the \tools directory of the just installed SDK package
    -Type in the following command:
    adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

    Now you are able to move apps to your SD card.

    This command does the following:
    1) Sets default install location to SD card
    2) Allows you to install apps where the dev hasn't gotten around to setting the 'install to SD' flag yet
    (It doesn't allow you to install apps to SD where the dev has specifically *blocked* it though).
    06-28-2010 11:55 PM
  2. superflush's Avatar
    Wait, this isn't by default?
    I thought FroYo was going to use some smart system to automatically store some data from apps on the microSD card or automatically store apps themselves there if there isn't enough room.
    06-29-2010 12:45 AM
  3. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    This is to force apps to the SD card. If you have froyo, menu>settings>applications>manage applications . All apps that have been updated to use the apps2sd feature will have the button 'move to sd card' enabled.

    lots do, lots don't.
    06-29-2010 12:50 AM
  4. Duvi's Avatar
    Not many of the apps I've have had the option,
    but then again, I'm still running the original leak
    of FroYo.
    06-29-2010 02:21 PM
  5. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    Not many of the apps I've have had the option,
    but then again, I'm still running the original leak
    of FroYo

    New froyo (from last night) supposedly has a better AT&T radio in it. I had to go back to the one you're probably using on mt T-Mo n1.

    About half of my apps have been updated. I've noticed while testing apps for the blog that "hacky" style apps and apps from xda guys are updated for apps2sd lots faster than others
    06-29-2010 02:28 PM
  6. Duvi's Avatar
    Oh my! I'm definitely upgrading then. Lol.

    I need a better radio! Haha.
    06-29-2010 04:15 PM
  7. melwan's Avatar

    After I followed those instructions, I moved all the apps to the SD Card. Now, the Market app does not see any of them as downloaded. Also, the widgets list (where I add widgets) does not have any third party widgets anymore.

    I moved the widgets back to the phone and they still don't show up. I tried restarting, launching the actual app like Zimly (in hope that the widget comes back on), nothing.

    Any clue how to fix this?

    EDIT: If there is a way to reverse the command, please let me know.

    EDIT: nvm, got it. To anyone looking to reverse it, replace "2" from the command above with "0", move the apps back to phone, and reboot. That completely reverses the whole thing above.
    06-29-2010 05:02 PM