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    Okay i was hoping some one on here could help me out a little bit. Ive owned an Evo ever since June when they came out.i love it,i have to say but...the idea of not getting updates when they come out is finally getting to me. I've always wanted the hardware of the Nexus One. Something about it calls to me. My point is that i feel stupid but i want to downgrade to the Nexus one. Is that silly? Or does everyone agree?

    Ive just been having a few problems with my text messages and i know those bugs will be fixed on the nexus phones first. I don't care about the screen size any more because i do most of my browsing on my Nook color now. I also am not a fan of the plastic hardware of the nexus s so that's not an option. I guess i just want the stock android experience even if the phone is way out dated. But who knows when the next (hopefully dual core) nexus comes out... any input for me? Id really ppreciate it!
    01-28-2011 03:10 PM
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    Ya buddy you know what I'm going to say as you yourself know. Don't waste money now upgrading just wait month or two you can have better dual core device for some price.

    Far as N1 goes I wouldn't go from Evo if you went Nexus line go with Nexus S as its better than Evo. SGX540 is superior than AMD Z430 also in this case Hummingbird is better than 1GEN Snapdragon SoCs. If you ask me just tough all your issues out and deal with it. Soon you will have much better device for upgrade as now its just waste. I myself was forced to upgrade due to my HD2 being stolen or now I would wait for it also.

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    01-28-2011 03:32 PM
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    Thanks. I guess you're right but i could get the nexus off contract and then sell it and upgrade whenever a dual core Stock Android phone comes out. The evo is great but stock is better and i don't play many games that will need the samsungs better gpu.
    01-28-2011 03:45 PM
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    Do you need upgrade now? If yes.
    Go check eBay/post on Craigslist buy from lowest offer. When time comes sell it and get LG Opt 2x lol the GPU may not be powerful on Tegra2 but nevertheless its dual core and like you I don't play games but I do watch high quilty special device specific videos that I encode.

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    01-28-2011 03:51 PM
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    Why in all that's good would you want to do such a thing. Another thing - where did you get the idea that HTC, or Google take too long to push out updates. Gingerbread is almost here... Carriers has to make sure their customers are satisfied with the updates they present to them. Stick with your EVO. You have one of the better smartphones at this time. It doesn't get better than this.
    01-28-2011 04:02 PM
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    I mean it is known that the nexus one has always got updates before any other phone right? Froyo came out pretty fast for he Evo, no complaints there but Im talking little bug fixes like the sms bug. My messages go crazy all the time. Not sending them to the wrong person but Ill click on person and then SENSE gives me the wrong thread. Gets really old!

    Maybe Ill wait and see how far of a wait Gingerbread is for the Evo over the Nexus one to make my decision. I like the Evo but the Nexus on is just a great piece of hardware. I love the dock charging idea and that its not very plasticy like the Galaxy phones. Maybe I am over analyzing it all but more and more I feel I made the wrong decision.

    Pros of the Nexus - Off contract, a little cheaper then an Evo on Craigslist. So switching wouldnt kill my bank account. Stock android, so faster updates.

    Evo- Bigger screen, kick stand- never use, hdmi- thought I would use this all the time but never have...8 mp camera that isnt worth a darn in my opinion.

    I dont know maybe I am crazy. Thanks for the feedback though. I just need to bounce this problem off some other android fans. Thanks!
    01-28-2011 04:14 PM
  7. SpenserS's Avatar
    Also tethering and easy root on the nexus
    01-28-2011 04:15 PM
  8. RUSH's Avatar
    Also tethering and easy root on the nexus
    I guess you have already made a choice.

    Good luck.
    01-28-2011 04:29 PM
  9. SpenserS's Avatar
    Haha I mean I feel like I made my choice but at the same time I just feel dumb about it. Evo is superior but do people agree about my feelings having stock Android? or No. Maybe it really isnt that big of a deal...
    01-28-2011 04:46 PM
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    Well the Nexus line will always get updates before any other device due to Google rolling it out directly as they maintain it and not the carriers.

    Same times the device that is supported by carriers also has to meet standard as they themselves add BS on top of it which is why its mostly slow and reason place like XDA has better support.

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    01-28-2011 11:43 PM
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    I just got my first nexus one, which is my first android phone, I also had trouble in choosing and android device, but I chose thee nexus because of the stock OS. I just needed to have it, and it is amazing.
    01-28-2011 11:54 PM
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    I agree I think stock is the way to go. Now that i think of it though, bailing out my sprint contract plus getting an older used phone seems like an odd thing to do with my money. For sure though my next phone will be a stock android device. Maybe ill just root and load roms when updates come out. Seems like xda is going to my friend in this situation.... unless someone can find me a killer deal on a nexus one Thanks guys.
    01-30-2011 01:45 AM