1. gfunkdave's Avatar
    Since getting the update to 2.2.2, my N1 has started doing something very weird. When I plug it in to my laptop and mount the SD card in Windows, everything works fine. But anywhere from 1-20 minutes later, the phone suddenly unmounts itself (the android on the phone screen goes from orange to green). I'm generally in the middle of syncing music at that time. In iSyncr, it says something to the effect of "The SD card has disappeared!". If I'm just copying files in Windows, I suddenly get an I/O error.

    This is a non-rooted, stock Nexus One running the stock Google OS, version 2.2.2/build FRG83G. Laptop is running WinXP SP3.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
    01-29-2011 12:24 PM
  2. Kage_'s Avatar
    I've seen a few strange usb related issues, but I'm not sure if it was due to what I was going at the time.
    01-29-2011 11:43 PM
  3. gfunkdave's Avatar
    As an update, it's definitely the phone. I've used different USB cables and different USB ports. Now, I've taken the SD card out and put it in a card reader. It has been happily syncing for a couple hours now.

    I think this started with the update to Android 2.2.2...surprising to me that nobody else is experiencing this.
    02-01-2011 11:51 AM

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