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    i have the palm pre for sprint and sprint is kicking me off there network. i'm going to move to t-mobile and get the nexus one. but i am worried about some things that i have notice so far that i would like some light to be shed on....

    with it carring the lastest android 2.1. user can be rest assured for now until google releases of the next android OS. which then we would have to wait for weeks or even months to get. my worry is not even with that but with htc. they are making so many phones left to right that i dont think they would care to come out with an update for there older phone.

    i have been watching the g1, hero, and many other phones from there line up more then the cliq, moment and droid since hey only have 1-3 phone so it is easier to update them compared to the hero(promised 2.0.1),g1(dont know the status of them.), droid eris(havent heard from them either), nexus one(not worry right not),mytouch(that one and if there is a 3g one.) and know there is suppose to be a bravo and then a super sonic.

    i was considering the hd2 (and the hd3 is coming out later this year. ) because of it performance with the snapdragon. then i saw a video of the nexus one vs the hd2 with different web browser and i remember why i'm not going to back to Windows mobile. internet explorer crash like it's a special feature. opera isn't as fast as android and it is alittle buggy. skyfire renders so bad even though it supports flash.

    i know we have google behind us that will push updates to the nexus one BUT that will only be until another better phone for android will come out like the supersonic.....

    i'm not a fanboy or whatever but i just have a few questions about the nexus one

    are you happy with your phone even if they were going to come out with new updates and we would get left behind ???

    what features are you missing from your nexus one that you wish you had on there if it is just a wish or a something that your other phone had that the nexus one doesn't.

    how is the performance of the phone. i was looking for reviews in this but i dont see anything that i want to hear really. i'm a hard core user where i would use the 3 web pages, IM clients, text messages, email, listening to music, and play with the background when some are loading. i understand it will slow down by how much. my palm pre just crashes and just auto reboots in the middle of me doing smoething and it is very annoying. i do have my pre patched and some will say not to patch it and run vanilla but the phone isn't funtional.

    another question is how is the battery life for the phone when doing these things. my pre is horible for battery and i cant use it for a day of use which is all i really want. of course the more the batter but isn't nessary. basically what do you do with your phone and how long has the battery served you.

    i saw in a review that the touch button above the ball is off and does that annoy you.

    is there any crashes and how is the mods from the nexus one? would you recemmend it????
    what can i except from android compared to webos?
    i'm already aware of the multitouch but that can be hackd in which i'm can do as long as i have instructions for it which i'm sure there is.

    thanks everyone.
    02-01-2010 09:07 AM
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    your questions are awesome and I couldn't have said it better. I too am wanting the nexus but have concerns. I have the eris and like it but feel that I left behind quickly with no updates, droid gets all the attention.
    For what it is worth,i think the supersonic will go to sprint. The HD3 will go to t-mobile and the bravo is supposed to come to verizon.
    Sprint is not an option for me where I live, or I would already be there.
    The nexus looks awesome, but has flaws. The good thing about the nexus is that it is googles flagship so it will get lots of attention like the droid was for verizon. Lots of attention means lots of latest updates. I doubt they will let this phone fail. Too much money and resources behind it.
    I will be getting the nexus as soon as it is available for verizon. I think they put it on t-mobile to start so they could work out all the bugs before going global.
    I hope this helps.
    02-01-2010 09:22 AM
  3. dondadah88's Avatar
    well i have seen reviews and they barely talk about the phone it self and everyday life. it was just how the new 2.1 is. which is understandable but i would like a week- a month preveiw of it(i know it's like 3 weeks old but you know what i mean. lol.)

    you are right about alot of money invested in it so it won't drop right now. but you know how technology is.

    i would complain with sprint and get an airwave from them and wait for the supersonic but i'm honestly tired of them and i dont like my pre. feb is suppose to be an update for the pre with flash, tweaks, performance and battery updates which when i watched ces with the pre and them having 5-6 cards open (3 games a web page and the camera uploaded.) it made me feel better. but then to fnid out the verizon one has double the ram. where it opens up to 50 cards and gets no error and the sprint pre can open like 10 and something only one if it is feeling moody. makes me not even want to wait for it.

    we just have to wait and see what everyone says before we make a choice.
    02-01-2010 09:33 AM
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    That's an awful a lot of questions there, browser through the forums and you will find all of these questions answered. And to sum it up, just buy it. You won't regret it. Good battery life, solid phone, it will not get left behind in terms of updates, etc...
    02-01-2010 11:33 AM
  5. aquaj13's Avatar
    Not being left behind on updates is the best part. There are lots of solid phones to choose from. I want what is going to last the longest and not get left behind.
    I am learning from my eris mistake.
    02-01-2010 11:53 AM
  6. Jeremy's Avatar
    Not being left behind on updates is the best part. There are lots of solid phones to choose from. I want what is going to last the longest and not get left behind.
    I am learning from my eris mistake.
    Google will not leave it's *current* flagship device behind in terms of updates.
    02-01-2010 11:54 AM
  7. hawonjung's Avatar
    as far as i know HTC has been a lot better than any other company regarding updates of their phones.

    Plus, it is manufactured by HTC but sold by GOOGLE.
    Google will never abandon it's flagship device behind what so ever.
    02-01-2010 12:09 PM
  8. dondadah88's Avatar
    very very true. I was looking threw and I didn't see what I wanted that's why I posted this.
    02-01-2010 12:45 PM