1. fasst27's Avatar
    Google Books - I don't use it, but back in 2.2 downloaded it just to play around.

    Forgot about it.

    Along came 2.3, did update and found myself loving my phone more than ever.

    However, with only 128mb of room for apps, my fun was short lived.

    Bye-bye tower defense, bye-bye weather apps, bye-bye Google Books...BYE-BYE GOOGLE BOOKS!... URRRG! What? No uninstall option? WTF!

    How do I get rid of this? It isn't taking up space since you can delete the updates and reduce it to 0.00 bytes, but now it constantly reminds me to "update" it, which would bring it back to the full version.

    It is like a zombie app, it just won't die!
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    03-24-2011 05:07 AM
  2. GeoKaplan's Avatar
    I guess this is the first time you've noticed this: Books, Goggles (which is 3.x mb in size) and a couple other Google apps are baked into the OS--there is no deleting them without rooting, far more effort than most owners will go through.
    03-26-2011 05:54 AM
  3. kuri's Avatar
    I hear ya. I don't seem to deal with it all that much any more but its pretty much what I deal with as well, decline and ignore the update reminders.
    04-16-2011 12:18 AM