1. JKPS's Avatar
    While watching an online video, my new Nexus 10 froze and started emitting a loud hum like that of a shortwave radio. Nothing seemed to fix it, until I (presume) reset it by holding down the power button for a while. Has been working fine since. Is this ominous enough to contact google for RMA?
    12-01-2012 12:41 AM
  2. roflwaffleton's Avatar
    I had that happen to mine on the first day I had it. I was watching a video and it froze and I had the loud hum. Been fine ever since it was restarted. If it keeps happening, I would consider contacting Google. If it was a one time occurrence, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
    12-01-2012 04:59 PM
  3. typhonx's Avatar
    mine has frozen like 5-6 times.
    never from the same thing.
    12-02-2012 12:22 AM
  4. CynicX's Avatar
    Mine did the same thing with the noise when I first got it. But after watching hundreds of videos, hours of gaming, all sorts of web browsing it hasn't done it since....
    12-02-2012 03:59 PM
  5. JKPS's Avatar
    PS: Nexus 10 hasn't frozen since that first time. But I couldn't find a way to email google about the problem - they gave a phone # instead. But when I tried to call that # a few times, the wait time was over 30 minutes every time! Just hung up, and never got to to them. google doesn't seem to want to try to match Apple's quality of service.
    12-02-2012 07:50 PM

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