1. Transtang z28's Avatar
    IS AWESOME! I'm sorry if this isn't then right area for this thread but I really think if you have an N10 you need to try this game. Its fantastic on our screen and crazy addictive. If anyone else has gotten it let's hear what you think.
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    01-18-2013 11:55 PM
  2. chuza's Avatar
    Super hexagon is the game

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    01-19-2013 02:06 AM
  3. x Pervy Sage's Avatar
    I downloaded it after seeing your post and it is a pretty badass game lol. Really addicting and challenging.

    Gotten up to 1 minute on Hexagon with HARD difficulty. All of the difficulties above that are SUPER hard for me, heh.

    Anyone know how to mute the music on the Android game? I got the game on my iPhone 4 and you can just put the phone on silent mode which mutes the game, and then I can play my own music. I'm wondering if I can do the same thing on the N10... mute the game, but still be able to listen to music through Google Play.
    01-25-2013 11:27 PM

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