1. Catherine McAteer's Avatar
    I am trying to master the photo sphere function on this tablet just for fun but in my attempts the tablet got hot really hot up around the are in the back where the Len is but it run the entire width and is concentrated more towards the left side. Any one else have this issue.

    Also anyone firgure out just how to work the photo sphere? Thanks
    03-17-2013 08:09 AM
  2. Evilnut's Avatar
    I use it quite often, my N10 never gets hot while using it that I have ever noticed. The key to a good photosphere is to not move your feet from the original spot you are standing. Make sure you rotate yourself in the exact spot,like you were standing on a lazy susan. And put the tablet at arms length & do not change that, hold the tablet with your elbows locked and arms fully extended. Any deviation in focal length from the first picture will cause issues. From the first picture I take, I go all the way up, then all the way down in a counter clockwise motion. I don't know if that part makes any difference, but I am getting good results consistently with this method.

    If anything is moving in your sphere such as waves on the ocean, a flag in the breeze, boats moving in a marina, cars driving by, people walking or moving, dogs/cats playing etc, then you will always have strange looking sections in your photosphere. Hope this helps.
    03-17-2013 12:35 PM

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