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    My Nexus 10 is 8 months old. All of sudden it died. I put it in charge (even for more than two days continuously). But when I turn on the tablet the screen flickers and restarts. Most of the time it doesn't get past the Google logo. (It flickers from the Google logo itself) Sometimes while I try to turn it on with charger connected, the tablet boots up to the home screen but immediately shutdown. I can briefly see the battery percentage when it boots to the home screen. Sometimes the battery is shown full and sometimes almost empty.

    I've opened the tablet and re plugged the battery cable to the board. (Saw in some youtube videos for Nexus 7) but this hasn't helped me.

    Any idea on what should I do? I can't send it for warranty as I brought this from USA to my country.
    07-28-2013 12:40 AM

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