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    I own an Anker bluetooth keyboard and have also tried a Logitech, and I have the same issues consistently. When typing in certiain text fields, like the browser address bar or website form fields, it acts like any keyboard you'd expect. But in Skype, AIM, some office apps, random apps in general, and sending texts, it acts more like a buggy Swiftkey keyboard. My biggest annoyance is that I excpect full keyboards to disable auto-complete. And deleting huge chunks of words or more when hitting backspace once is the most annoying offense.

    Is this an issue that can be resolved in the keyboard/language settings? Must it be managed in individual app settings, meaning any apps that don't take care of it leave me screwed? Or is it just a known keyboard issue? I'm still using Android 4.3.x for the moment.
    02-01-2014 02:29 PM

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