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    Help! I love my nexus 10 but I am not getting any useful support from nexus or Samsung and I am not a hacker.

    Back in June or July I updated to 4.3 with an ota update. A few weeks later I got another ota update for 4.3. It did not say that it is a security update or anything about jwr66y, so it appears that it is trying to reinstall the same 4.3. Some posts I read on the web say that 1.8 mb (which this is) is the proper size for the jwr66y update so perhaps it is that. Anyway, my settings say I have 4.3 jwr66v but I keep getting an ota notice to install 4.3. When I try installing this update, I get the dead android and it says error. If I restart it is the same icon but says no command. If I leave it like that then it eventually turns back on, and for a while there is no ota update and settings says I am up to date. However I am still with jwr66v and after a few days I get another ota update for 4.3. For a while I just let the ota update sit there and continue to use my tablet. About a month ago I started wondering where my 4.4 update is. I read online that there are ways to manually install it but they are only for devices already running jwr66y. After calling nexus, getting transferred to samsung (who wanted to transfer me back to nexus and who doesn't even make my WiFi-only nexus 10), calling nexus again, getting the call dropped several times and having to call them back each time and explain everything all over again, and ultimately getting no help whatsoever, I chose to restore my tablet to factory settings and then install the ota update. Same results. It appears to me that I will not be able to receive an ota update for 4.4 or manually update to 4.4 unless I am first running jwr66y. I found a post on droid-life with links to twrp, clockworkmod, and adb sideloader and instructions for manually updating to jwr66y. However, I cannot make sense of these directions (for instance, I chose clockworkmod since it says the sideloader can be finicky and I my computer is a Mac and the instructions are for windows and on the link for clockword mod I have the choice to download Roms, recovery, or touch recovery with no explanation or directions on what to do with these files). So many places on the web say to flash this or that with little more in the way of instructions as though owning an android device and keeping it up to date requires the owner to be a software specialist/hacker. I know that there are video tutorials that take u through step by step but I cannot find any for my specific problem. Nexus just tells me that not all devices have received the 4.4 update yet and as far as not getting the jwr66y update, I should contact the staples store where I purchased the tablet and see if they have any warranty. Please can someone help me!? Any advice that does not assume that I am well versed in manually updating, flashing, etc would be greatly appreciated. For instance, if a step is to DL something do I do so on my Mac or on the tablet itself... My device is not rooted.
    02-04-2014 01:45 PM

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