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    I have a series of business trips coming up and I'm looking to buy my first tablet so that I can entertain myself on my travels. I have tried the nexus 7 and decided that I really like the 10 inch form factor better. I have my choices narrowed down to three choices, but I'm having trouble pulling the trigger. I plan on using the tablet for reading news stories, browsing the internet, streaming content, playing some games (probably RPG's and angry bird types) and possibly watching locally stored media.

    The first tablet I'm thinking of is the nexus 10. The only concerns I have about it are it's age and charging capabilities. I love how it is still getting updates, but I am worried that the hardware won't hold up over the next 2-4 years ( the length of time I would like to keep the tablet). I have also read that the device can't be charged while be used, which could be issue if i'm trying to use it on a long flight. I'm also worried that a new model will be announced at Google I/O in June and I will be stuck with a 2 year old model.

    The second tablet I'm thinking about is the ASUS TF701T (the new transformer). I love that it has the option to use SD cards, but the lack of software updates (plus the ASUS skin on top) and the non mini usb charger leave me worried. The tablet has much newer specs though, but if it doesn't get software updates it could become outdated fast.

    The last tablet I'm thinking of is the Sony Experia Z tablet. This tablet also seems to have new hardware, but the software side of it has me worried. I haven't read much on the Sony skin and it still isn't updated to 4.4, so it seems like it would always be at least a version behind.

    My first business trip is on May 1st, so I don't have much time left to wait. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Should I wait a month and see if any more Nexus 10 rumors come out and hold off on a purchase, or just buy one of the above tablets?
    03-06-2014 12:47 PM
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    I only have the Nexus 10, so I won't speculate on how it compares to the others, because I just don't know

    You can charge and use. I have the POGO cable because I like the magnetically coupled approach so my small children can't pull it off the table by the front door. I have used it while it was charging at the same time with this cable (I have not charged via the USB port since I got the cable, which I would highly recommend if you go with a Nexus 10).

    You can attach an OTG cable to the USB port to read an SD card with content. Load content on Card and plug it in when required. The cable is like 3-4" long, it's a minimal interruption for me when I want to bring some movies on a trip and did not prevent me from choosing a tablet with a SD slot built in.

    Hardware specs, it runs great for me. I have had mine for a while now and can easily see myself using it for years down the road. I do not upgrade yearly or anything and bought mine with long term goals in mind.

    I think most have given up on waiting for a refresh of the Nexus 10, and lots don't think there is a need to upgrade it right now, it's still a good product.

    If you do chose the Nexus 10, order that POGO cable right after you buy it!

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    03-06-2014 01:24 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The Nexus 10 is still an excellent tablet to consider, but you're correct, it is somewhat old as far as tech goes. The CPU is only dual core, compared to most other newer high-end tablets that are now at least quad core. But you can get it at a pretty good discount these days--as low as $350 or so for a 32 GB unit, new (not refurbished). We have yet to hear anything definite about a new Nexus 10, but most people expect something by the end of this year.

    The TF701T and Xperia Z Tablet are fine choices, but maybe a little on the pricey side (especially the Sony). The keyboard dock for the Asus is a nice option--I have a TF300T with a dock, and it works pretty well as a casual (and slow) laptop replacement. Considering what you're planning to use it for, you should ask yourself if you really need a high end flagship tablet, or if you're ok with more of a midrange device. You might want to look at the Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10, which goes for around $280.

    When it comes to updates, Asus has generally been pretty good, supporting its devices for around two years or so. My TF300T came with Android 4.0 ICS, and was gradually updated as high as 4.2.1. Just keep in mind that all devices will become obsolete after about 2 years--it's just the nature of tech!

    Good luck, and have fun shopping!
    03-06-2014 01:26 PM
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    Thanks for the advice. I'm glad to hear that the Nexus 10 can charge while being used. I'm def leaning towards the nexus right now because of price and stock android. I will probably make my decision in a week.

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    03-06-2014 07:00 PM
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    $350 for the 32 GB version, new (not refurbished) on eBay: Nexus 10 32GB, 10in - Black | eBay

    Have fun!
    03-06-2014 07:17 PM
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    I recently bought the Nexus 10. After doing research on tablets I selected the Nexus 10. My major factor was the display and pure Android. I liked the fact that the display was twice that of the generic Samsung tablets and that the speakers were on the front side of the tablet. I went through Amazon.com and picked up a used one. It was stated that it was like new might even be new and it was packing was torn where previous owner tore it open but it was all there including original screen protector, paid $344. Was well worth the cost.
    03-08-2014 12:56 AM
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    You really can't go wrong with the N10. The price is generally pretty good and overall the specs are hard to match. Honestly the only tab I would change to now would be one of the new Samsung pro line tabs. Really what I want is the Samsung tab pro 8.4 but in a note version.

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    03-09-2014 11:51 AM
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    I bought one a few months ago and have no regrets at all. There was nothing even close to the price range for what you get. I did a lot of research and happy I went with it.

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    03-09-2014 02:06 PM

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