1. murphcid's Avatar
    My oldest who went off to college took the Nexus 10 with her for netflix, and such. She reported that the tablet no longer can connect to the school WiFi for some reason, but when she can home, it connected to the house WiFi just perfectly. Also she said that it was slow for some reason. Battery life is also becoming an issue.

    I like the Nexus 10, I just wish I could get updated Android on it, and it had more storage. But that being said, is it time to upgrade? The table is used to surf the net, watch You Tube, Netflix, and such. It is more an entertainment device than anything practical. If I do replace it, what are the good options. I require a decent to good screen (Full HD or better), reasonable storage (32 gb+), and reasonable build quality.

    Or should I just get her an ipad?
    04-04-2017 06:54 AM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Pixel C is the best tablet on the market still; last year's iPads are also really good. You can put custom firmware on the Nexus 10 to get up to date software if you're into that sort of thing, the hardware can handle a lot. If you're on a budget, the NVIDIA Shield K1 is by far the best tablet for $200.
    04-04-2017 08:36 AM

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